Khmer-style flash mob in Siem Reap

This has got to be the coolest airport welcomes ever!
Tourists arriving at Siem Reap International Airport were greeted by a flash mob as the number of “passengers” *(perhaps they mean visitors) in Siem Reap reached the two million mark.


A fun flash mob to celebrate an important milestone! How fun is that? The dance routine started with a traditional Khmer dance (watch out for the nice hand gesture) and ended with a hiphop music.

The dancers are not hired professionals, according to Cambopedia. They are probably airport staff with no dancing experience Рnor the type who could tell the difference between a great guitar and an ordinary guitar Рand could have been trained ahead for this performance. The tourists were very much entertained and you gotta love the ones who danced with the group.

I wish they’d do another one in Phnom Penh, say in front of the Independence Monument.

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