Kids back home

Alert, alert.

I just had to post this:

the borloloysThese are my nieces and nephew. I haven’t seen them in Y-E-A-R-S it feels like forever. The last time I saw them was the girls were 2 years old and 6mths old and the boy was barely 4 years old. Aren’t they cute? I just want to hug them all in one scoop, if only I can. I miss them all terribly.

Now they’re like any other boys and girls – playful, naughty, stubborn, little mister and misses know it all! They’re a source of joy and amusement in the house and they’re good companions to my parents when they visit. And there is another addition – a baby boy named Ryder who was born in July last year. He’s the chubbiest baby ever and when I get to finally see him I want to squeeze his bottom and plant little kisses on his cheeks 🙂 I know, I’m like this with my nephews and nieces!

Chappi, who’s the naughtiest of them all, asked for a big tent for her Christmas present. She said she wanted to live in a tent and invite Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) to live with her. You see, my parents house was destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda and they are slowly re-building the house. But that’s another story.

Back to Chappi. Before Christmas, she kept on telling me that she would like musical instruments such as woodwinds at guitar center for Christmas. I told her we could not promise as it’s difficult to find in Cambodia. When I called them last New Year’s eve, she told me that she changed her mind. She wants a tent. She said she wants a big, pink tent with a big, pink Zipper and Hello, Kitty pictures all around. Tall order, huh. that his Tito Crab could make one for her, much to her delight. Good luck to husband. Let’s see what he can come up with 🙂

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