Laptop blues

It’s been a week now since I stopped using my laptop and I’m at the mercy of my husband’s desktop. It is a bit of an inconvenience because I don’t have my files in it, as well as the programs I need for my blogging activities.

Tthe problem with my laptop is it is overheating – just 30minutes or so of use and it is very, very hot – and the (internal) fan is unusually loud it sounds like a jet plane. I want it repaired sooner than soon because it might cause more damage if I continue using it. I get frustrated because it is proving to be difficult to find that spare part, even online. Also bugging me is the fact that I am not scheduled to buy a new laptop this year because I am planning to get a new DSLR camera. I already set my eyes on a particular camera that suits my taste and budget. It’s no joke looking for the right one, you know. If you are looking for one, too, please click here for compact digital cameras. A great resource, I tell you.

Someone suggested opening the bottom of the laptop and cleaning the cpu fan as it might be only be accumulated dust between the fan and the heat sink. I might do just that. It’s better I explore other options before considering purchasing a new one.  Now, now.. what a dilemma. A new laptop (but not in the budget) or a new camera? Which is which?


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