Li Na, Australian Open 2014 Women’s Champion

Congratulations. I don’t follow women’s tennis much but I know this year is Li Na’s third bid for the trophy. She lost last year and the year before that. This year, she is third time lucky!

She beat the diminutive player from Slovakia, Dominika Cibulkova, in straight sets, 7-6, 6-0. Both are a joy to watch. Cibulkova impressively beat many seeded players to reach the finals. And Li Na… oh, how can I forget her? After last year’s final against Victoria Azarenka, where she fell twice on the hard court, she came back stronger and more determined to finally lift her first Australian Open trophy. Well done.

I was also looking forward to her speech. And, as always, she was her usual amusing self. The crowd loved her! I was trying to listen to her speech but when she stepped close to the microphone, some parts of her speech came out garbled – the AO people should use audio-technica microphones instead for better sound. So I looked in YouTube to find a video, and I wasn’t disappointed.

She’s really funny. Here’s a sample:

“Now husband. Famous in China. Gave up everything to travel with me. Fix racquet, fix drink. Thanks a lot you nice guy. Also you so lucky.”

Hahaha. I agree, Lina. Husband so lucky.

Here’s the complete video of Li Na’s speech:


Don’t you just love her? Hope to see you accepting more trophies this year.

Okay, enough. Tomorrow, I’ll be a nervous wreck again. It’s my boy, Rafael Nadal, against another Swiss guy – no, not Roger Federer – this time it’s Stan Wawrinka who defeated HelmetBoi (aka Novak Djokovic) in the QFs. How good is that?

So, expect again another tennis post in the coming days 🙂

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