Live webcam in Cambodia!

Yes, you heard it right! The first live webcam in Cambodia is already up and broadcasting live this week and already it was picked up by various webcam sites including the EarthCam.

The webcam was actually borne out of curiosity – curiosity about what our two dogs do when we’re not around. From there, the possibility of putting up a live webcam showing the traffic situation on our side of Phnom Penh came out. Long arduous nights were spent together, searching for webcam hosts, installing and tweaking codes… now it is all done! This webcam is mainly for our family and friends who want to see our side of the world – and it’s very interesting what they saw, so far, they told us.

Now that it’s done, I need to visit a spa for some pampering. I’m looking forward to some tender, lovin’ skin care. The long nights and unhealthy junk food had taken its toll on my already “ugly” skin – lots of pimples and it feels scaly! Accckk.

By the way, here click this link to see what’s currently on the live webcam – CambodiaMapsWebcam.

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