Making and sharing happy meals at Aziza’s Place

My husband and I were supposed to go out to look at available desktops at  computer shops today but he realised he needed to do something urgent for school. So, while waiting for him to finish, I’m writing about the fantastic time I had yesterday.

I spent the whole morning with the children of Aziza’s Place where I showed 10-12 year old kids how to cook spaghetti bolognaise as part of their English class project.  English classes are handled by my husband and are one of the supplemental classes provided to the children at Aziza’s Place, a non-government organisation supporting the needs of underprivileged children in Phnom Penh. To complete a unit of their E2 class on  food and healthy eating, my husband invited me to do the demo job and assisted the kids in putting out their class project – a delicious meal of spaghetti bolognaise for everyone!  I know I am not a good cook  (but I love the food I cook) but standing there looking over the kids  felt like I was doing some kind of masterclass, you know, a la Junior MasterChef Australia!

Here are some photos of the wonderful time I spent with them:

The kids were each assigned a task:

slicing the onions  Slicing onions. Look, no tears!?! Tears came later, lol.

the girls in charge of garlic and onionsThe girls in charge of garlic and tomatoes. They took it seriously.

some of the ingredients

The ingredients all chopped up and ready for cooking!

Teacher Rob giving instructionsAfter the ingredients have been prepped, Teacher R gave the kids critical tips before the actual cooking session began.

mixing the meat for the sauce The kids took turns in stirring. See the concentration on their faces? 🙂

happy cooks
And the taste test… they were happy with their sauce… well done!

posing before food is served
Smiling for the camera for souvenir… before the spaghetti is served up for lunch. Good job, E2.

enjoying their spaghetti

And here are the kids enjoying their share of spaghetti especially prepared for them by the E2 class.

The E2 kids (and the rest of the AP kids) were a happy bunch! They were chattering non-stop, laughing and teasing each other while they were cooking. They were very curious,  their energy boundless and enthusiasm so contagious.  And you know what they say, happy cooks make yummy meals. There was more than enough food for everyone to share and I’m glad the spaghetti turned out fine and the kids loved it. I had an absolutely great time there and I’m looking forward to more opportunities to help in the future.

Aziza’s Place (AP) is home and learning centre to 21 or so Cambodian children who come from impoverished families supported by the Aziza Foundation and other generous private donors.  At AP, the kids are provided access to (public and supplemental) education, safe home, and various developmental programmes that focus on healthy lifestyles, community involvement, and arts. Learn more about Aziza’s Place, the kids, their other projects, and how you can help through their website here – Aziza’s Place.

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