Me and my muffin-top

I was in a good mood over the Christmas holiday… until I saw some of my party pics. Well, there are great shots and I love, love them. The not-so-great ones were greeted with an ear-splitting eeeek! from me.

dingmuffinsaredone Now I am irrevocably depressed. I couldn’t help it. Looking at myself in the pictures with a less than flat stomach is just unbearable. It doesn’t help that I just finished a 3mth-dieting period. After three weeks of relaxation I now  look like a muffin. Ouch, I know. I guess getting compared to steel drums is better.

So this coming new year, I am more determined than ever to lose these unwanted pounds off of me. But since the holidays are not yet over, I’ve decided to resume my dieting but only AFTER the New Year celebration. *evil grin* Now that I’ve said that, I am making a mental note to myself: do wear a girdle when going to parties. Period.

2 thoughts on “Me and my muffin-top

  1. hehe lol! you’re a muffin and i’m a what kaya? sponge cake? but you looked really nice and sexy during the party missusdilis..
    im also back to dieting just after the new year. im cooking baked mac and hamonado for new year’s eve so postponed muna diet hehe

    1. Lui, am so “high” with all the sugar in the stuffs that Rob and I made yesterday. I think from being a muffin, I will soon move on to the gigantic muffin category! At least, sosyal ang comparison sa atin hihihi
      Hey, share me your hamonado recipe, I haven’t had that in a looooong time.

      Happy new year!

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