More about thrifting in the Penh

And speaking about thrift-shopping…

Hot or not? This is probably pre-owned by THE Elle Woods, lol.

I always look forward to going to thrift shops. I’m not ashamed to say that. Thrift shops everywhere in the world have always been the treasure trove of interesting, unique, quirky, truly unusual, and antique stuff to thrift hunters like me. In most of the thrift shops I’ve been to here in the Penh, I have more often found branded items that I could not afford at regular prices. And, mind you, clothings of all sorts including this hot pink sassy ensemble that is pictured on the right and an equestrian riding apparel – yes, to my surprise, a complete outfit – are not the only stuff that are offered in the thrift shops here. There are shoes,  bags, hats, music and movie DVDs, kitchen items, oven and bakewares, shelves,  appliances,beds, tents, gadgets and gizmos and a whole lot more!

There are really wonderful items at thrift shops. If you simply let go of that pre-conceived notion that thrifting is for poor people you will realise and appreciate that thrifting is even better than shopping!

N.B. Photo originally uploaded at Good Thrift-Hunting.



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