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Yesterday, I was chatting with a friend over Yahoo while, at the same time, we were watching the Royal Wedding; me, over CNN, and her, via live streaming. We were both giggling how both our  mothers are big fans of the late Princess Diana and how they’re talking fondly about Prince William as if they’re their own.

I wasn’t much interested in the wedding but what made me think was … what would it be like had Princess Diana lived to watch his first-born son on his wedding day? Would she approve of Kate? Would she allow Prince William to give her own engagement ring to Kate? I just thought Princess Diana died too soon and that Princes William and Harry were deprived of maternal care and guidance so early in their lives. Well, anyway, speaking about mothers, on our side of the world we are going to celebrate Mother’s Day. And out of the multitude of choices for mother’s day 2011 gifts over the internet or shopping malls, it is quite challenging to find The One Gift.

Painted heartSetting aside all these hoopla about Mother’s Day, I would like to share with you what a good friend of mine said, about “mothering” in today’s context. It really struck a chord with me having known people who have reared children who are not their own. My friend stressed that in the current context, “mothering” is no longer exclusive to mothers. In fact, the definition of “mothering” should extend to include women and men, gays and lesbians, who have taken on the role, and challenges, of rearing children, in whatever circumstances. 

I know I am rambling here and not really making sense. But one thing that makes sense to me is the fact that rearing children is no easy feat – and so on Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate the occasion by recognising the above-mentioned people, for their everyday contribution to nurturing human lives.

To my Mother and Father who share this role all through the years  up to their grandchildren, our heart-felt gratitude. You have been so generous to us, and like the Giving Tree, you never ask for something in return and continue to be our Giving Tree. Thank you, and we hope and pray that the Lord will continue to bless you and that He will not take His eyes off you both. 

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  1. Korekong! Grabe ang kotse, ano?
    I love the carriage though… it became a fairy-tale wedding dahil dun. And, of course, the balcony kiss. Kate blushed and Prince Wills beamed – ikaw ba ang naka-iskor ng 2ng kiss di ka magbi-beam? hahahha.

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