Mrs. Geek I Am!

Oookay, so I’m back to blogging again. Hhhhhnnnngggfff! I can’t even!

Since quitting my job a few months ago I thought I would have more time to do things, like regular blogging, crafting, and so on… But no, nothing like that happened. True, I’ve never been busier, but over something else. For example, taking care of the house and those in it. Which, I am not complaining. We are all healthy and happy – that’s all I could ask in return.

Pls. click the cartoon for source.
Pls. click the cartoon for source.

This year has been steeped on geekery, mine mostly! I’ve been geeking out on pretty much everything – TV series and movies very recently. I never knew how huge of a geek I am UNTIL I stayed at home and got hooked on the above mentioned. Like, how seriously addicted, you ask? Well, the kind of addiction that got me into scouring the whole world wide web for hours on end for streaming sites (I live in Asia so not all TV series are broadcast here) cast interviews, spoilers, and fan sites. One time, a visiting-friend of mine, who’s a music geek, and I met up at this newly-opened mall in the city and got into discussing her current crush – an up-and-coming musician back in our hometown. She was so passionate about this person and how she (as a blogger) a is hoping to cover his developments in the tinsel world. She knows everything about this guy and she even goaded me to purchase a record and to “Mail your order today!“. Ahh, geeks.

Enough of the babbling. It’s been a nice Saturday here in Phnom Penh. I hope your weekend will be great as well.

Till next.

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