My Miscellany… bow!

Welcome to My Miscellany…

My hu-waaaat?… you ask.

It’s My Miscellany, idjit.

It’s finally up and running. So far there’s not much in here yet but I will so don’t fret yet. My Miscellany is just another blog of mine, another spot in the blogosphere where I put bits and pieces and some oddities, either crap or awesome.

This blog intends to share a hodge-podge of interests, and for me to enjoy what I like doing — talking about nothing; its the only thing I know anything about (apologies to Oscar Wilde). You know… a new blog to share, a new venue to rant, rave or rock ‘n roll.

Oh, and earning some moolah would be nice as well. So please come back and check for new updates because I will post them as they fall into my lap.

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