My prized possession

I was browsing through a news site this morning one news item caught my attention. The news was about the alleged recent “possession” of four high school students in a town in the Philippines. The report said that since that possession incident occurred, more and more students have taken to wearing rosaries as a protection to ward off those evil spirits. Accompanying the news write up was a picture showing students with rosaries hanging on their necks. I’m not sure about the”possession” and how effective wearing a rosary is, but knowing how religious, and superstitious at the same time, the Filipinos are they will believe and do just about anything. Oh yes, despite the modern age we are in, there are still things like this especially in rural areas.

It’s been a long time since I prayed the rosary. When I was younger, my family used to pray the rosary every night. It only stopped when we all grew older and went away for university. Then my husband gifted me with a rosary. In the beginning I thought he knew I hadn’t prayed the rosary for ages that he wanted me to remind of it,  lol.  My husband went to Lourdes, France before embarking on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage tour by bicycle, sent me a really beautiful rosary he bought at the souvenir shop there. Out of the many personalized rosaries that are available there, he chose a simple yet elegant rosary made of silver and beads and encased in a matching box with the image of the Virgin Mary of the Lourdes. I keep the rosary in my jewelry box for it’s my prized-possession. The rosary doesn’t cost a fortune, but the sentimental value is worth millions to me, personally!

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