New Thai Huot grocery in Tuol Kork

I can’t believe it is Saturday once again.

I didn’t feel like it’s the weekend as both my husband and I were out of the house the whole day. Everything turned out great, by the way. My meeting was very productive as we were able to cover all the points in our agenda. My husband, onthe other hand, also had a fun activity with his students, screening the movie Jaws,  at AP. Not bad, eh?

As our reward to ourselves this weekend, we initially planned to eat out today in one of the restos in Tuol Kork. On the way to the resto, a spanking new building caught my attention – it was actually the new Thai Huot grocery that has just opened in Tuol Kork. It is literally a five-minute drive from our apartment! If you know the T&C cafe in Tuol Kork roundabout, drive a little further – about 100 meters more till you reach Rattanak Hospital.  Across the hospital is the new Thai Huot grocery. Easy!

This is a welcome new to us and to all the other dwellers in Tuol Kork area as it basically eliminates the long drive to Bangkengkang where most of the grocery shops are. We checked what foodstuffs are available and we are happy to say that it has almost everything! We were like kids on a candy store oohing and ahhing at the goodies before us. We also think that the prices are cheaper there compared to Lucky grocery. For example, a pack of smoked bacon (1kgs) costs only $6.90 while the same item  costs $9.20 at Lucky grocery.  Comme ala Maisson has an outlet there that provides an assortment of fresh bread and pastries everyday.  The place is spacious enough and there is a parking area. Isn’t it great?

On our drive back home, while munching on our treats from Thai Huot, we were talking about how businesses have grown and expanded in Phnom Penh over the last three years. We love that the  new Thai Huot market is a great convenience to us who live in Tuol Kork as this means no more driving to Bangkengkang area where most of the grocery shops are located. As we were rambling on and on, something “different” caught my eye: a garage shop offering rv repair! Now why that doesn’t surprise me anymore? Tuol Kork is what’s known as the millionaire’s row in Phnom Penh. Huge mansions are everywhere with more than two cars in carports. Not just cars but luxury cars! If Lexuses, Porsches, BMWs, and Jaguars are seen rolling in this side of the city, then the sight of an rv wouldn’t be impossible, yes?

Welcome to the other side of Phnom Penh.

5 thoughts on “New Thai Huot grocery in Tuol Kork

  1. Ate Elms would be happy to hear that, if she hasn’t heard about it yet =)
    Sana meron din dito banda samin. Malayo din kase yung original location nila from us.

    1. For sure, matutuwa yun! It saves us time and, at the same time, the unwanted stress that goes with driving in PP. Lipat na kayo dito hihihihi

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