New year, new house!

Happy new year!

My husband and I were very busy prior to the new year because we … moved to a new house! It’s a lovely traditional Khmer wooden, stilted house but the landlord has the ground floor walled in. Old and basic but has a lot of character and my husband and I feel will be a nice home.

Ahhh, sunshine. Lots of sunshine.
Ahhh, sunshine. Lots of sunshine.

It has a garden, located in a quiet neighbourhood with a small road. There are lots of birds and fresh air, too! So we bid goodbye to the concrete and glass sweatbox of our old apartment. Although we’ve moved stuff to the new house, we decided to keep the old apartment for yobo’s evening school.

We were very excited to welcome the new year at the new house. At work, I couldn’t help but talk non-stop to my officemates about it. Too excited, in fact, that I absent-mindedly picked up my colleague’s apple laptop battery – and deposited into my bag when the clocked turned 5pm – home-time! I only realised my mistake when I was trying to connect it on my non-apple laptop – much to my amusement. Good thing my colleague didn’t get upset about the switch!

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