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We had a great BBQ lunch with friends more than a week ago. It was nothing fancy – actually we decided on barbies because there’s not much fuss on the preparations. We bought several kilos of beef, pork, shrimps, and hotdogs that we forgot to serve for the kids. Add to these, I made a creamy carbonara and veggie salad which were all done on Saturday morning. My husband also took care of the dessert – his signature chocolate refrigerator cake prepared two nights prior lunch. My PELUKA sisters also brought in some dishes – and my, oh, my! It was a buuuuurrrp-fest to the max!

We had a slow but enjoyable lunch. We definitely had a pig-out afternoon! With all the food and drinks we consumed – we, ladies in the house – all groaned about another unsuccessful dieting – and couldn’t help but joke about running to the nearest drugstore after lunch to get ourselves fat burner pills and the best fat burner supplements we could find. On the other side of the room, the men were chattering away with their choice of drinks in hand while the kids busied themselves playing the Wii, Jenga, or taking turns to ride our stationary bike.

It was a fun, fun albeit the guests had to  endure the last two hours of the afternoon without fan or anything because of the power cut. Kaenez. But I am happy that my PELUKA sisters and their families were able to make it. Hope there will be a next time.

6 thoughts on “Nothing but a food post

    1. Awww, that’s too bad, kapatid. But better to follow doctor’s orders now. Sooner or later, you can have all the food you want! Ingat lagi!

  1. yummy chewy chocolate.. haha si chinks found it so yummy and even if may ‘raisins’ sya she still ate it coz yummy daw yung chocolate.
    thanks for hosting us. sana we could host something din sa house, pero next time na lang pagnakapagawa na ako haus hehehe for now, di kasya tatlong tao sa barong barong namin =)

    1. Lui, no worries about that. For sure, iimbitahin mo kaming lahat on your housewarming party! *smile* We’ll make some more next time and, pramis, will share some to your unica hija 🙂

  2. kakagutom naman dito, ok lang kung puro food ang post,alam naman namin di ka matakaw. lol!
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