Oh-so-nice Phnom Penh weather

My lack posts these days I attribute to the surprisingly nice weather we have in Phnom Penh. The cool weather makes me just curl up under my sheets and lay there doing nothing for as long as I like. Since we are a little on the cool side, it takes a lot for me to get up to walk the dogs in the morning that I wished that I was wearing a marmot venus jacket to keep the chilly breeze at bay. Plus, they look so pretty and comes in lovely colours.

Of course, I snap out of this daydreaming right away. Wearing one of those in tropical Phnom Penh even if it’s moderately cool is a bit overkill (overdressing,  just like one of the many topics discussed in this book)  and my husband would definitely disown me if he sees me wearing one, hahahaha.

But I am not complaining about the nice weather though. In fact, I welcome it with great enjoyment and I hope it stays a bit longer considering we had a hellish summer season (read: sweltering heat worsened by frequent power cuts) and practically skipped rainy season last year. My mood improves but it makes me counter-productive, hahaha. As you can see, no posts since last year (or a few weeks ago), sorry about that. I’ll make it up next time.


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