Oh, so tired!

 Oh gosh, I am so effing tired today but all I want is to stay up and finish some crafting before I go to bed. But, for some reason, I could not get my brain to work – my hands and eyes are not cooperating. I do want to complete a set of tags today so probably a nice, warm bath will wake me up. I just want to dash to my bathroom, climb onto the bath tub  and slowly slip into the warm and relaxing embrace of soapy water. Oh, right. We don’t have any bath tubs at home.

I do not go to the spa anymore so I dream of moving to a new apartment with one of those clawfoot tubs at bathsofdistinction. Wouldn’t that be great?  Enjoying a nice bath at your own home?

 Anyways, I’m glad it’s Saturday tomorrow. I can sleep in and stay in bed for as long as I like.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


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