Oh wind, where art thou?

Taken two weeks ago. We had no luck with the breeze last Saturday.

Some kind of a downer this weekend.
We were planning to go kite-flying on Saturday to test the kite my husband made for his AP class. It’s sort of a class project, in relation to their mapping/directions lessons. The students had to design their own kites, that’s supposed to be fitted with a digital camera that was intended to take pictures/video footages while up in the air. So, of course, my husband had  to make one first, a model if you like,  to see if it really works.

So come Friday evening, when the kite was done and we were still fussing about fitting the camera on to the kite. At half past midnight, my husband finally declared all systems go. With our back packs prepared the night before, we excitedly drove to the Hun Sen Park at the city centre where it was virtually empty for the holidays and ideal for the kite’s test flight. Except that there was NO WIND, much to our disappointment. We waited. And waited. For an hour. But there wasn’t just enough breeze to lift the kite off the ground. BUMMER!

Oh well, the excitement turned into a major, major disappointment. We went home and consoled ourselves at the thought that our landlord will take us to the place he knows where we can go fly kites. But will have to wait till he comes back from holidaying in Stung Treng.



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