Outdoor Wednesday 004: Overloaded

It is so hot in Cambodia nowadays. And dusty, too.
Even in the city where I live now, it gets really scorching as early as 8am when I go for a walk with my dogs. I noticed that whenever I go out in the sun the higher the chances of me getting a migraine attack. So these days I go earlier than usual to be able to enjoy the walk and without risking a migraine attack afterwards. What’s making it worse, also, is the frequent power cuts! Here in Tuol Sangke/Tuol Kork area, we have full mornings and afternoons, alternately, without electricity; three to four evenings a week with one to two hours of power cut. IMAGINE THE TORTURE!

Aside from the above,  I nearly missed completing the task of syntheroid reviews. I’m also delayed in posting for my blogs, like this week’s Outdoor Wednesday. So here is my entry now:

How much load can this cart hold?

This is just an ordinary, everyday scene in the country. I wonder how much capacity can this motorcycle-pulled cart hold? Just how is “overloaded” defined? Isn’t it too heavy for the driver to pull? I just hope the driver goes through his routine safe and sound each day.

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