Outdoor Wednesday 006: Kite-flying

Yes, we did just that over the weekend. The whole city was celebrating the Chinese New Year and my husband and I wanted to escape the city just for a day. We had nothing else to do and I, particularly, wanted to go out since I’ve been working on several images of business cards commissioned by a friend.

My husband didn’t need a lot of convincing. We picked up my younger brother and headed north-west of the city, driving through national road number 5. The main road was nice and paved but when we turned to a smaller road it became more challenging.

We were looking for a wat (temple) that sits on a hill and, not long after, we found the place. We went temple-hunting and weren’t disappointed. See pictures here.

Afterwards, we located a place that was deal for flying a kite. It was a vacant field, punctuated by palm trees and bamboo shrubs as far as the eye can see. In the background, we could hear the chants from a nearby wat. Across the lot was a huge mango orchard. It was around 11am, the sun was already high. Here my younger brother and husband were waiting for the wind to pick up to launch the kite.

outdoor wednesday
It was hot and there was not enough wind to fly the kite higher. Nevertheless, we had fun and enjoyed the change of scenery.

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