Outdoor Wednesday 01

These days I’ve gone crazy over stamping! I’ve been using them in all sorts of stuff – making greeting cards, custom name tags, use them on my mails and postcards, and other knick-knacks I could get my hands on. However, my back starts to ache so I gave it a rest and entertained myself by surfing online. Amazing where and what kind of sites I’ve landed at.

I found this cool photo meme today and decided to join. Basically it just requires a blogger to post any pictures taken outside of his/her house – that’s why it is called Outdoor Wednesday and hosted by Susan over A Southern DayDreamer. So, without further ado, here is my maiden post:

Imagine how much this old taxi-van can hold?

The streets of Phnom Penh have always been a good resource of photos like this. Which is why I have my digi-cam with me all the time.

I hope to visit each participants later today. Looking forward to making new friends here 🙂

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