Outdoor Wednesday 02: Denis Darzacq Photographs

  Time for this week’s Outdoor Wednesday again. It’s been a week since I last posted and it’s because of a problem with my ISP. But now I’m  back online again – and with a new ISP – I hope I get to blog regularly from now on.

Anyways… I can’t believe I haven’t posted these photos yet – they’re taken in December last year while I was frantically searching for a Christmas present for my husband (I almost settled on a pair of silver cufflinks but changed my mind at the last minute again, hah!) and really have nothing to do with what has been going on lately. I thought these photo mural by French photographer Denis Darzacq  is just interesting so I’m putting them up here in this week’s meme.

Denis Darzacq was one of the foreign photographers featured in last year’s Photo Phnom Penh Festival. His work was displayed at the French Embassy’s Wall here in Phnom Penh.

Denis Darzacq (France)
He is one of the best-known photographers of his generation and has exhibited all around the world. His series “La chute” (“The Fall”) made him an artist recognized by the public, after other professionals and collectors had appreciated his talent. In love with color and movement, he always carefully organizes his striking images in order to produce meaning and encourage thougths. This year, two of his series will be spectacularly dis-played on the outside wall of the French Embassy. The series “Hyper” depicts young men and girls, dancers and athletes, floating in front of his lens in the colorful departments of the new temples of consumer society. Suspended in air, to the point where this would seem impossible without manipulation, these floating figures confront accumulations of products such as rolls of carpet. – Photo Phnom Penh Festival 2011 Programme

“… a radical series of “portraits” against a neutral background of young people in motorbike helmets, the new knights of the roadway, whose identity is hidden behind their armor, plays humorously with the well-known reticence of drivers of two-wheelers in Phnom Penh to adopt this indispensable protective gear. – Photo Phnom Penh Festival 2011 Program


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