Paranormal Dogtivity?

Please indulge me this one time.

You have to see this – another gem of a video from YouTube. I suggest you get yourself a good set of headphones for your maximum listening and viewing pleasure.


It’s a good laugh for this evening! The best laugh this week so far. It had me and my husband laughing out loud I had tears ran down my face.   And who wouldn’t? I mean, a romantically-lit bedroom with a Marvin Gaye song in the background… what do you expect to happen on a water bed? Tee-hee-hee.

I was half-expecting something scary would jump out and scare the hell out of me. We laughed even more when we thought the dog was done but instead came back after few minutes for some more action! I could’ve written a better blog post about this dog video if only I could see through my tears!

I shall leave you now as I have this overwhelming urge to change my pillowcases…

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