Postcard Friday

Received a postcard recently that is  very relevant to me right now. The short consultancy work I accepted is giving me a major, major headache that I wanted to withdraw from the project. But if I did, I am certain I would be bored and depressed sitting at home with nothing to do that I’d eventually end up as a patient in one of the depression rehab treatment centers around.

So, anyway,  when I saw this postcard waiting for me in my mail box, it made me smile and kick myself for being so tight and tensed the whole week.

Total im Stress?
Entspann dich, Gott hat alles im Griff.

Translation: In total stress? Relax. God has everything under control.

So now I am leaving everything up to Him. Today is Friday and I will completely ignore the issues that are cropping up over the weekend. I’m going to enjoy this weekend, for next week will be another adventure.

Have a stress-free weekend, y’all.

2 thoughts on “Postcard Friday

    1. You’re welcome. Naka-link naman yan kahit dun sa Sreisaat blog ko kaso lang inatake ng bug kaya nangawala lahat ng links. Tinatamad pa akong magpalit ng template at ayusin ulit. Kaenez nga e.

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