Postcards and I

Here's one of my favourite postcards, from Japan :)
Here’s one of my favourite postcards, from Japan 🙂

Not many of my friends know I’m an inveterate postcard and stamps collector.

The only time I stopped these was when I was well into my 3rd and 4th year in the uni because I had so much happening on my plate at that time.

I never got to go back to doing them again because then I got busy with a budding career. After a decade and a half, I began gaining interest and slowly got hooked again. So now I’m back and being in Cambodia where there are not that many who are into this hobby, I get swamped with requests for postcard and stamp exchanges from people around the world. I can not accept everyone’s requests – sorry to say that – so I just choose to swap from people from countries that I don’t have any postcards yet.

Just recently though I received an email inquiring about old Cambodian passports. Sad to say, I don’t do passports and I don’t know many Cambodians who are willing to sell their old passports. So I politely told him and just referred him to I hope he finds what he’s looking for there.

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