Quick note

After more than a month of waiting, the agony is ovah!

The cooling fan I ordered online finally arrived and my laptop is now working finely without the annoying sound in the background. Bye-bye, whirrring sound, here I go back into the blogging groove again! Although the laptop’s bottom is still getting hot, it’s not as hot as  before and I don’t worry about my laptop melting from overheating.

Speaking of heat, while the monsoon rain is pounding and flooding the countryside, it is so hot here in Phnom Penh during daytime (it rains at night, on occasion). I could not tell you how hot  it gets because our thermometer was broken since summer and hasn’t been replaced. Darn, if I could buy a cooling fan for my laptop, I could easily buy outdoor thermometers online. I keep on forgetting, that’s why. I should probably put it in my wish list the next time I login to my online shopping account.

Anyway, here’s hoping the rain eases up. Pictures of flooded areas in Cambodia are really serious cause for concern and alarm. Whole villages and ricefields are inundated with floodwater, hundreds and thousands of families were affected, and hundreds of deaths already reported. Everybody is fearing food shortage in the coming months. Oh dear, please pray for Cambodia and its neighbour Thailand which is also experiencing the same flooding problem.

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