Rafa and Marc; Rafa and Nalby

Team Cuteness, Men's Doubles Champion 2010, BNP Paribas Open, Indian Wells

Pardon the lack of posts again.
I’ve been busy doing other things IRL lately and then the Indian Wells Tennis Tournament came and my attention turned to it, as usual. My boy, Rafael Nadal, is entered in both the singles and doubles (with compatriot Marc Lopez) and so far, he is doing extremely well. Just the other day, Marc and Rafa, fondly called the Team Cuteness for obvious reasons, got into the finals after beating 6th seeds Fyrstenberg/Matkowski 6-2, 6-0. That’s a very convincing win, if I may say so. Prior to this match, Team Cuteness knocked out the reigning Australian Open men’s doubles champs Leander Paes/Radek Stepanek — amazing, no? Rafa and Marc are great together – and so easy on the eyes! haha – and so enjoyable to watch them play, too.

On the other hand, in the singles event, Rafa overcame his nervousness and beat David Nalbandian in three sets earlier tonight, and set up a semi-final match against – guess who — Roger Federer. Roger again? Yes, indeed. Even though this is their first time to face off in the semis of the BNP Paribas open, it will their 28th overall. It could be recalled that Rafa defeated Roger in this year’s Australian Open semi-finals last January.

Rafa consoling Nalby. What a heartache it must be for Nalby and I feel for him, too.

In fairness, I like Nalby, too. He is a tricky player and highly capable of making excellent shots from crazy angles. My stomach was churning watching them play but I’m relieved that Rafa prevailed. I feel sorry for Nalby, it must have felt like Davis Cup all over again. In case not many of you know, Nalby had to overcome injuries and work hard to be included on the Argentina Davis Cup team, unfortunately they didn’t stand a chance against the Spanish team. Of course there is no question as to where my priority and loyalty lie in the event that my other favourite players play against Rafa… I’m a Rafa fan through and through. Win or lose.

Anyways, if you want to have a H2H, i.e, head-to-head stats, just click on any tennis sites, like that of the ATP. They have H2H stats of every player and just asks you to select a player and to Click here to compare.

Oh, by the way, Rafa’s singles semi-finals match and doubles finals match will be on Saturday. For sure it is going to be exciting! I’m hoping for positive results for Rafa and Marc 😀 Vamos!


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