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A friend of mine is planning to sell her old desktop pc so she could get a brand new one with higher specs. I went to her house and found her saving all her files and preparing to do a hard drive wipe before putting the PC up for sale. A hard drive wipe, I learned, ensures that all your files are erased so that no one can get their hands on the files that could not be wiped out by merely deleting and formatting. That is so good to know! I never heard of it before and it’s such a relief to know that there’s a double-tap to ensure everything is completely gone from my computer drive if and when I decided to sell my PC.

So while we were going through her files, I saw this recent photo of Rafael Nadal, aka, Rafa, who recently won his 8th Roland Garros title. It’s the most titles all-time achieved by any man in any single grand slam!

 Rafael Nadal King of Clay Roland Garros
Rafa on the cover of Australian Tennis Magazine. Oh, so adorkable Rafa!

Darn it. I really want to have a copy of this. He looks so goooood in this cover. I wish I could alert someone in Australia! Lol.

It’s been two weeks since he lifted that trophy and the Rafa-fever hasn’t died down yet. Now that the green, green grass of Wimbledon is around the corner, tongues are wagging about Rafa’s chances. Some tennis “experts” give their opinions putting a lot of weight on the this year’s draw at the Wimbledon (Rafa is seeded 5th and he is in the same draw as Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga,Lleyton Hewitt, Stan Wawrinka, et. al) But I don’t really care. Rafa has already proven that he can deal with the tough draws. Case in point, the just concluded Roland Garros tournament. Anyways, win or lose, he is still my champion!


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  1. The consensus is that Rafa was having serious issues with his movement and knee yesterday, and that this contributed to the loss. According to this , he played with anti-inflammatories (although, I’m pretty sure he, and about 90% of players, play with anti-inflammatories all the time anyway) and experienced knee pain during his final practice sessions. Whether this was simply a result of the surface change, or indicative of a new or intensified problem, remains to be seen. ( He is at the knee clinic in Barcelona today .) I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be concerned about the latter, nor do I think it’s reasonable to be assuming the latter. Last year, I was definitely on the optimistic, and ultimately, naive side to begin with, thinking that Rafa’s early Wimbledon loss wasn’t a big deal, would give him time to prepare for the Olympics, would surely be practically erased in a few weeks’ time with said Olympic performance, etc., etc. Obviously I was very wrong. If Rafa just can’t hack it on grass anymore (in part due to his incredible success on clay, i.e. he makes it to the final of all of the clay tournaments and is still playing on clay when other guys are already practicing on grass, which is cruel irony, really), fine. (Well, not really fine, but that is, as unfortunate as it sounds, actually the best option right now). He can (and will need to) still play and win on clay and hard courts (although, the fact that Rafa fans are now looking to hard courts as a haven for Rafa is…different.) Grass is such a small part of the season, it’s not that big of a deal if Rafa isn’t successful on it anymore.

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