Saturday 9: What a Fool Believes



1.  What celebrity do you think is the MOST foolish?
Mostly the has-beens who are desperately attempting a comeback, getting involved in hilariously stupid situations.

2. What are the 5 things you don’t care about?
Politics; What other people say, feel, and think about me; can’t think of more 😛

3. What ‘issue’ do you think your opinion is so right about that you end up trying to sway others to your point of view?
I don’t try to sway others to my POV;  I let them realise on their own how right I am about something.

4. What personality do you like to listen on the radio?
I don’t listen to radio these days…

5. What culture are you fascinated by?
Boy George’s The Culture Club! *lol*

6. You are alone with your lover’s diary. What do you do?
Granting I have a lover, I think I would be very tempted to read it – read a page or more before he comes back. But if it’s his ray ban RB3030 that I’m seriously eyeing for the longest time that’s left lying there, I would instantly put it on without batting an eyelash and leave. I have this secret desire to sing “I wear my sunglasses at night…” in front of the mirror. *lol*

7. What frustrates you?
Sloooooow people, driving in the city, sales ladies following you around (I’m not a shop lifter!), second-guessing myself (grrrrrr!)

8. Do you remember the first time you were on the internet? What did you do first? Created email accounts! *lol*

9. What was the biggest fight you have ever had with someone?
Snatching my favourite pair of flats from my dog’s mouth.

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