Do you know what these figures are for?

Nope, they’re not serial numbers that you normally see on steel drums or lotto tickets or something. These are very important numbers, at least for someone I know… and that someone is none other than Rafael Nadal, the King of Clay. If you have been coming to my  blog then you know already who he is and there is no need for introduction, really. The figures simply means Rafa has won six Roland Garros titles (after beating Roger Federer in the finals last Sunday), 10 Grand Slam titles, and still retain the world number one ranking in men’s tennis, all just a few days after he celebrated his 25th birthday. How’s that? He just loves celebrating his birthday in Paris. Oh, and by the way, he is now the second player in tennis history (after Bjorn Borg) to win six Grand Slam titles at the RG.

It was a fantastic victory for Rafa after having difficulty in the beginning of the Roland Garros (RG). Imagine the stress and loss of confidence after two successive beatings he received from the Serb Novak Djokovic in the finals of Madrid and Barcelona, in a surface where he reigns supreme.  He also had a difficult draw at the RG, having to face tricky players (and tricky new balls!) as early as the first round. But the most important thing is he won all of his matches, overcoming self-doubt, loss of confidence, and a crowd that does not really favour him. He showed so much perseverance, hard work, persistence, and fantastic mental strength and focus to make changes in his game and that which propelled him to beat  Robin Soderling (the only man to ever beat him in RG ) and Andy Murray (not a threat but a pain, anyway) in the quarter finals and semi finals, respectively. It was a crazy, frazzling two weeks for us all – yes, Rafa, and his fans, you know . And that Sunday night he stepped into the court to face Roger Federer in the finals… it was amazing to watch him overcame his adversity (incredible comeback in the first set, and of course, when he held his serve at 0-40 in the fourth set which ultimately was the turning point) to win. When Rafa was on the verge of the championship point – I couldn’t breathe – and then he fell to his knees and I, well, I was truly happy and overjoyed I could burst! LOL. Wait, not yet. Watching him lift and bite that trophy gave me a great overwhelming emotion I could burst.  Even Papa Nadal could not hold back his tears looking at his son lift that trophy once more when the Spanish national anthem was played. Rafael Nadal is undoubtedly the King of Clay and a Champion like no other.

Oh, I could just go on and on rambling about Rafa 🙂 Anyways to those who want to re-live the moments when Rafa won his 6th RG title, you can either look it up on YouTube, or read this How the Finals Was Won – a set-by-set account/analysis of the finals match at the RG.

Vamos, Rafa! Off to the green, green grass you go next!


Oh, and here are 15 greatest, most memorable photos from the French Open as compiled by YahooSports’s Busted Racquet blog. Picture #3 and #15 capture Rafa’s awesomeness!


Above photo source.

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