Sleepless and edgy in Phnom Penh

This boy is killing me!
I was glad my Skopje-based friend Ana was there with me, albeit virtually, to ease the anxiety and suspense.

Thus, the lack of posts. I was not in the mood to write.
You see, in this year’s Sony Ericsson Open tennis tournament in Miami, FL, Rafael Nadal lost to Novak Djokovic – this is Rafa’s second successive loss to Nole, the first time was at the BNP Paribas finals in Indian Wells, CA that preceded the Miami tournament.

Miami’s hot and humid weather condition would have been in Rafa’s favour because Nole’s been known to easily break down on this kind of weather. After a promising firs set, Rafa’s game just went downhill… Nole was simply firing shots that Rafa had no answer. Although there were signs of  brilliance on the second and third sets from the Spaniard, they weren’t enough to stop the red-hot Serb. I could not bear to watch Rafa’s poor game (his serves were not effective and was making a lot of errors) and listen to the commentators hanging on with bated breath, like me, to every point Rafa made. I walked away from my laptop, paced in the living room, got myself a drink… I switched to another window and surfed online for unique baby gifts for my goddaughter’s christening to divert my attention. Anything just to lessen the anxiety, nervousness, etc. So, anyways, the agony was over not before long and there was no Rafa biting the trophy that I had anticipated. Instead, Rafa was smothered by the championship dust that Nole left behind. Remember the “this guy is killing me look” on Roger Federer’s face mentioned in my previous post? Well, I saw it that night again, only that it was on Rafa’s face 🙁

Nole’s winning streak continues as the clay season tournaments are getting close. He was very consistent and the more aggressive one and he deserves the win that night. I just hope Rafa realises he should do something with his game especially now that the Monte Carlo Masters tournament will commence this Saturday. If there’s one thing good that I realise from Rafa’s win it’s the fact that he didn’t injure himself – what a relief!

Now back to Mallorca and to training with Uncle Toni and Team Rafa 🙂

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