Sorry for the absence of updates

I’m fretting at the moment. Actually, it started a few weeks ago when I tried to update my blog theme. At the end of the year, I wanted to have a fresh, new theme and customise some more. Being a noob, I followed a tutorial I found online and was actually happy about my progress but… after I hit save in the editor, there was an error and everything in the blog was a mess!

So I frantically search and search for ways to trouble shoot this error and when I couldn’t find any, I just reverted back to this template.  I think I’ll have to shelve my plan till I find, and tested first, a theme that suits my taste.

Now I’m scouring sites to find free themes. There are actually a lot of free themes and I get overwhelmed at the choices. Good luck to me. And while I do the searching, I have this mantra in mind:

Keep Calm and Vamos
Image via Babolat FB Page

My freaking out over a theme has made me forgot about the return of Rafa to tennis. He is currently in Chile for the Vina del Mar tournament. The media was in frenzy the moment Rafa stepped out of the plane and set foot on Chilean soil. They still are and they’re following every move Rafa makes. Oh, my. How I missed this boy! For sure millions of other fans do, too. I mean, it’s not a surprise, isn’t it? Rafa is one of the most beloved tennis player on the tour. Not only because of the kind of tennis he plays, but also because of how he is as a person outside the tennis court.

Okay, enough of the drama. I will go back to finding a theme now and hopefully when you come back I already have a new blog look. Wish me luck!

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