Speeding GOAT

Now that the dust has cleared and new patches of grass are laid over at Wimbledon, what is next?

The Olympics?
Nope. It’s the rankings, my dear. Very important. This gif file from a Roger Federer fan’s twitter account very much shows the standings, and so funny, if I may say so.

A hilarious gif file re-tweeted by @AndyMugray. Paddle, Roger, as fast as you can, lol.

HAHAHA. Pretty  much the race for rankings in men’s tennis, eh? Here’s a beaming Roger on a plastic crate speedng, err, paddling away from the pack composed of Rafa, Nole, Muzzy and a player I could not recognize, maybe Andy Roddick? Anyways, don’t you just love the look on their faces? And look at their crisp white shoes, are they dc shoes?

In this year’s Wimbledon we witnessed how most of the ranked players fell one by one in the earlier rounds,most shocking was, of course, that of Rafa (see below for my feelings about this). We also saw a  rise in parody accounts of tennis players, much to my enjoyment. The tweets are sarcastic but they’re all so funny they make caricatures out of the tennis players. Yes, emphasis on sarcasm. I think they are excellent, fun and enjoyable to read. I wonder why some people like John McEnroe didn’t get it.

And, oh, in case anyone’s interested. I am super-dooper fine. I have left it until today to say something about Rafa’s stunning loss so as not to make any comments that others might deem harsh or something. Rafa lost. Yes, a major bummer  but just like Rafa, it is just tennis. Not a tragedy. I mean with 46 winners over 16 UFEs – that has got to be the winningest losing performance statistically! I mourned for his second-round match loss one whole day – true – but after that, I’m bouncing again just like my boy, hahaha. And just because  openly cheered for The GOAT and then for the Muzzah, just for the kicks, by the way and which I never thought I would ever do – does not necessarily mean I have switched loyalty and abandoned Rafa. Not a chance.  I think that his early exit would benefit him most since the Olympics and the USO is in the horizon so you can bet your pretty *ss I’d be back cheering again for Rafa 🙂

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