Spring cleaning for 2011

Happy New Year!
It’s 2011… the first ten years of the millennium has just ended and we are now on to the second decade… Can you believe it?

husband and wife spring cleaning I was holding on dearly to 2010… having some unfinished business and loose ends to deal with. One of the major loose ends that needed to be done, for me, was “spring cleaning” before the new year.  I wish we have someone cleaning for us – FAT CHANCE! And so, the husband and I did beginning Monday. You wouldn’t believe how much clutter we un-cluttered, and how much dust we dusted off of our house.  Oh dear, where did all these stuff come from?

We didn’t stop there… we then re-arranged the furniture, and livened up the room with flowers and some decors. We also fixed the lights in the rooms, especially in the living room – they’re too bright. We bought low-wattage bulbs along Monivong Blvd because my husband and I prefer soft lights.  It may not be as great as having Hinkley lighting at home but definitely better than what we had.

All the dust, however, must have caused my worsening cold. Nevertheless, after the last bag of trash (of mostly papers) and dust had been cleared out, and the bulbs have been changed, the house is now looking spic and span. After several days of spring cleaning, we were relaxed and enjoyed ourselves in the living room with softer lights as we welcomed the New Year – the year of the rabbit – last night.



Cartoon/Clip Art Credit: Project Mommy

6 thoughts on “Spring cleaning for 2011

  1. If I were there, I will do that, and you can relax… I am good at cleaning, what I am being a housekeeper for if I am not lol!

    Have a Happy New Year Z 🙂

  2. Ann, how I wish I have your skill/talent in housekeeping. Tamad kasi ako e hihihi. But since getting married, I am learning the ropes of homemaking. I’m not sure if I get a pass or fail!

    Happy new year to you and Ant!

    1. Sige, I’ll take your word ha? Come December, imbitahin kita sa bahay for a spring cleaning gig hehehe

      All the best in 2011 for all of us!

  3. before new year’s is really the best time to clean. haha kahit super hinika ako go linis talaga =)
    Happy New Year, MissusDilis and Mister R =)

    1. I also went down with a nasty cold virus. But yes, ang sarap ng feeling to see your house shining, shimmering, splendid! hahaha, just kidding.

      Happy New Year din to you, Sen, Chinks and Ouwe!

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