Still here and doing a bit of shopping :)

It’s been awhile since I last posted.
My apologies. Aside from another bout of raging hormones, my laptop’s cooling fan got broken so I stayed away from the Internet for awhile.

As of now, my laptop is still not repaired. Without the cooling fan and heat sink, my laptop is dangerously overheating. Using it without the fan means risking the contents of my laptop. Good thing is, I found the cooling fan and heat sink that I need via ebay and in a few more days the package will arrive. Soon I’ll have the laptop fixed and then I’ll be back to my blogging routine. What my husbie didn’t know is that aside from the cooling fan, I added several packets of dead sea skin care that were on-sale and the shipping is free. So, it’s no brainer what I did next – put them all in my shopping cart! hehehe. Oh, how I love online shopping!

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