Sunday Stealing 021: The Majorly Personal Meme, The Last Part

Today we ripped this meme off a blog written by a group of high school students. The blog is called Eternal Fireworks. The writers are Michael, Kynan, Alex, Kenny, Chris, Leo, Shelley, Athy, Bam, Tina, Bnita, and Athy (yes, there are two). There is no statement to where it came from. But, it was probably stolen from there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft’s thieves might take some time. It is a long meme and we shall do it in two parts. Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

41. What are your plans this weekend?
The usual grocery shopping and other weekend errands. Oh, and we have a birthday party to attend to on Sunday.

42. Do you think someone might be thinking poorly about you? Why that might be?
I don’t know and I don’t really care!

42. What features don’t you have that you would like on your cell?
I’m not really that particular. As long as I can make a call and send text messages, it’s alright with me.

43. How many people can sleep comfortably on your bed?
Small? Medium? Or Large? Just kidding! Only two.

44. What are you hoping happens by the end of 2010?
That I get a visit from the stork 🙂

45. What was the last video you watched on YouTube?
Old Filipino TV ads. I went for a trip down memory lane last night. Thank you, YouTube!

46. Would you ever agree to have an open relationship with someone?
No, I’m already taken, thank you.

47. Is there something you could never give up?
Family aside, I think it’s reading books and writing letters the old-fashioned way.

48. Would you, (or did you) prefer a small, intimate wedding reception, or a big-scale, over-the-top reception?
We had an extremely intimate wedding reception — we were the only guests! *lol*

49. What’s bothering you right now?
My back pain.

50. Do you hate anyone?
It’s only a waste of energy and time, so NO!

51. What were you doing at 12am last night?
Sleeping soundly.

52. Was this summer a good one? How warm was it where you live?

52. Is the last person you kissed before your current situation mad at you?

53. Can a man and a woman be friends without having feelings for each other?
No – feelings will always be involved no matter what – romantic or otherwise. How can you be friends with someone if you don’t have any affection, care or even attachment to one another?

54. Do you think long distance relationship work? If you’ve had one, tell us about it.
It could work for some, but  not for everyone. I don’t want to bore you with details but my husband and I spent more than 16months away from each other. Those times were very, very difficult — we were both traveling to countries in different directions and the only thing that kept us together were emails and text messages. We had to cut our adventures short to be with each other. Otherwise, we would’ve probably pursued different paths.

55. Do you know why it’s called “Random Boredom”?
Huh? Is it because you chose to bored randomly?

56. Do you thing (sic) that it’s always the man’s responsibility to initiate sex?
That was before but now no more! Hello, girl power?!?!?!!! If you feel like it, then go get it! It’s fun this way rather than waiting for someone tee-hee-hee.

57. Have you ever made in love while you were in the same room with another couple?
Errm, no, that’s sick!

58. Tell us the best thing about your current or most recent S/O.
He is goofy, generous, hardworking and he just fills me with love.

59. Tell us the worst thing about your current or most recent S/O.
His impatience!

60. Would you write one question in today’s comments so that we could have our followers allow us to steal their questions? We’ll need at least 15.
Pass, I’m too lazy to think of one this time.

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  1. hayy Z, I really wish we had the same number of guests in our wedding like you did. tipid na mas intimate pa..ours was like a carnival, napagod lang ako..

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