Sunday Stealing 074: The Three Wishes Meme


as good as it getsToday we ripped off a blogger named regular player, Kwizgiver, from her blog What If This Is As Good As It Gets? She doesn’t say where she got it–but it was probably stolen from somewhere cool. Tracing back the thefts of those that we steal from could take a while. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

The Wish List Meme, part one

1.) What are 3 things on your Wish list and why?
Travel. Kid(s). House (to settle down in the near future).

2.) What do you miss about your childhood?
The food and the carefree, worry-less days.

3.) What do you do on your spare time on the weekends?
We don’t have any special dates or plans on weekends. We just go wherever the wind takes us.

4.) What do you appreciate most in your life?
The freedom and opportunities I am enjoying, and the love and support of family and friends.

5.) Would you rather be rich or healthy?

6.) If you could go back in time would you and why?
Yes, I would. I think it would be fun to wind the clock back in time and revisit how life was like back then. I watched a BBC programme called the Coalhouse. The programme followed three modern-day families transported back into the South Wales coalfield of 1927, leaving behind all the modern-day luxuries and lifestyle for a basic miner’s cottage with a shared toilet and no electricity and running water. I would love to be able to do the same, to see if I could survive in this particular era.

7.) Favorite game as a child?
Hopscotch, pick up sticks, hula hoops, game and watch (the gameboy of the 80s!) and this traditional children’s game.

8.) What is your dream career?
I had one, as a development worker,and would love to go back and work again.

9.) What do you do in your free time?
I engage in crafting and all sorts of DIYs! I’m currently learning how to knit.

10.) Favorite clothing stores?
Pink Soda, Bench (these are Philippine clothing companies), Mango, Uniqlo and I also like visiting thrift stores.

11.) What TV shows can’t you live without?
Nothing I can’t live without, really.

12.) 3 things you need in your life are:
Wise folks said, we need something to do, something to look forward to, and someone to love. I absolutely agree with this!

13.) What can’t you sleep without?
Blanket! It’s my security blanket 🙂

14.) What are you currently a nerd for?
Books, games, and gadgets, like android tables, dslrs… etc. 🙂

15.) What is your favorite seasoning?
Japanese soy sauce.

16.) What is your favorite wild animal?

17.) Name 3 of your favorite childhood shows:
The Twilight Zone (we get re-runs on tv back in the 80s), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Misfits of Science.

18.) If you could live as a character in a movie who would it be?
Meg Ryan’s character in Nora Ephron’s You’ve Got Mail, and that’s because she owns a charming bookstore!

19.) Favorite vegetable?
Broccolis and beets 🙂

20.) Favorite Fruit?
Mangoes and watermelons

21.) If you had a dragon what would you name it?

22.) What do you put on hotdogs?
Mustard and chilli sauce

23.) Do you play online games?

24.) What’s your favorite way to get inspired?
I sleep, lol. I wake up rested, refreshed and inspired to do something.

25.) Do you have a middle name?
Yes, I do; it’s Jane. But in the Philippines, a middle name is usually the mother’s maiden name.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Stealing 074: The Three Wishes Meme

  1. I love your answer to #12!  I’m going to have to write that one down to remember.  I also loved pick up sticks as a child–I forgot about that game. 

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