Sweets from my sweet

Just when I am slowly getting back into the dieting groove and starting to shed off the holiday weight, today my husband tempted me with another batch of his choco-cornflakes. It’s corn flakes with melted dark chocolate and brandy-soaked raisins, my husband’s favourite childhood treat lovingly made by his mum for him and his sister years ago. 

Blame it to my strong weakness for chocolates, anything with chocolates – of course, I put off my dieting right away to enjoy these sweet treats… there’s always tomorrow to resume dieting, tee-hee-hee. Will somebody, please, restrain me -  tie my hands or something – so I won’t reach out for another serving of this? Or better yet, hand me the  best weight loss supplement whenever I have the cravings again? Some people tell me I’m partly to be blamed because I easily give in to temptations.

Honestly, I don’t have the heart to leave the choco cornflakes, or chocolates, in general,  sitting in the fridge, and find them staring back at me every time I open it. So I just throw my weight worries in the air and eat them, one at a time, until they’re all gone, or, till I pass out from chocolate overdose – whichever comes first! *lol*

3 thoughts on “Sweets from my sweet

    1. Yes, Ann, my husband made them! I was not allowed in the kitchen till it’s ready to be eaten. heheh But I will share you the recipe. Watch out for it in your emailbox!

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