Seasons greetings

Merry Christmas!
Are you all ready for the festive celebration?

Not quite over here.  Christmas is not celebrated in Cambodia so naturally we are having a low-key affair at home. Nothing beats being (in your) home(land) for Christmas. *cries softly and runs away*

Anyhoo, even if we’re not feeling the Christmas mood here, it doesn’t stop me from spreading holiday love. I’ve been quiet for a long time (not blogging) and here’s what’s making me busy (and keep my thoughts off the festive celebrations elsewhere):

Calligraphy and hand-lettering
I’ve been practicing a lot and now I can see great improvements. I was very much displeased with my output in the beginning but through repetition, it gets me to satisfactory levels. I’ve wanted to do calligraphy and hand-lettering for the longest time but didn’t know where to begin with before. Thanks to generous artists who put up video and text tutorials on their sites for free, I can say that I am getting results that I am happy with.

Here’s some examples of my practice:

Practicing letters "R" and "V", as in, Red Velvet. Red watercolour in ordinary unlined, white paper.
Practicing letters “R” and “V”, as in, Red Velvet. Red watercolour in ordinary unlined, white paper.
Mail for my penpal. The envelope was designed with tribal pattern in gouache colours.
Mail for my penpal. The envelope was designed with tribal pattern in gouache colours.
Feathering. Pelikan royal blue ink on low quality paper-envelope.
Feathering. Pelikan royal blue ink on low quality paper-envelope.

Holiday cards
Yes, there are still people who send Christmas cards in this digital age and I’m proud to be one of them! And they’re not just any card, they’re handmade by me 🙂

Just one of the cards inspired by the designs found on Pinterest.
Just one of the cards inspired by the designs found on Pinterest.

I do not have the moolah to grant someone’s wish for a snare drum or a gadget or what-have-you but I do have the time to sit down and create a card. Sure it’s a major effort, as one of my friends pointed out, but I love to sit down and take time to make cards by hand for family and friends. Handmade cards are more special. Anyone can just get a card from any shops but these cards are sent out with all the love and care of the maker (me!). What do you think?

And I’m really happy that I was able to finish the cards on time and sent them by mail before the holiday rush swept in. My in-laws in the UK and my parents in the Philippines have already received their cards. I’m still waiting for word from my friends everywhere 🙂

Checking in, again

Hi, friends. It’s been a long while, isn’t it?
September just rolled in quietly and now we’re just 12 days away till we begin October. Time is just flying right before our eyes!

I took a temporary indefinite from blogging {again}. I guess I have this habit of dropping out of the blogging radar because… loss of blogging mojo, you know. Hah. There are just days that I cannot write anything on my blog even if I want to.

Modern calligraphy
Not Copperplate. This is an example of modern calligraphy. Just practicing my strokes.

Luckily, I have other activities that kept me busy-busy. As mentioned several posts ago, I’ve taken up calligraphy. I’ve been doing this since last year and I’m pretty pleased to tell you that my strokes are getting more polished. The two hours I spend every afternoon is getting results. Not only that I can now boast of decent writing in Copperplate (or English Roundhand), calligraphy is teaching me a lot of patience and I am loving it!

It amuses me to think that while calligraphy requires focus and concentration when practicing/writing, my choice of background music is rock – you know, fast, thumping, and screeching. Other calligraphers I know prefer the calm, soothing sounds of classical music or instrumentals from premier acoustic guitars. How is it that I can listen to this loud, fast music while still immersed with my writing? It boggles the mind.

Blue Monday: Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue ink

Hello, friends.
At the outset, sorry I was not able to visit your posts last week. So many things happened and, yesterday, I was informed that a cousin’s son died suddenly. We are all heartbroken – so young, at 17. The last time I saw my nephew was when he was only a six-year old boy, a shy but sweet one, always hiding behind his mum. It pains me to think that I will never see him again. May he rest in peace.

On a lighter note, I have been practicing more calligraphy at night time, when everyone is asleep. I devoted one hour each night since I could not go back to my regular daytime schedule. I find it hard to do with all the household chores, errands, and dogs to mind. I’m not complaining, though. When you want something, you have to work hard to achieve it. My husband also bought me some stuff – his Valentine present, if I may say so. He bought me a Pelikan ink 4001, in Royal Blue. Along with the ink, he also bought me these Japanese coloured cards for my craft projects. How sweet is that.

Grateful to my thoughtful husband. Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue ink (right) and coloured papers from a Japanese shop.
Grateful to my thoughtful husband. Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue ink (right) and coloured papers from a Japanese shop.

The Pelikan ink is designed for use on fountain pens but can also used in dip pens, as told by many season calligraphers. So, of course, I sprang to action right after we got home. I wanted to test the Pelikan ink with my Nikkon G nib.

blue  monday calligraphy quotes on blue
So much inconsistency in the shapes of the letters. Need to practice my strokes more.

The Pelikan ink has a beautiful, vibrant blue colour! Too bad my camera could not capture the vibrance of the colour. Although loading it on my nib was a bit challenging, it has a smooth flow and dries easily. However, the paper I used to write it on was not the proper one. As you can see, there was substantial bleeding on the paper. When I wrote in another paper, a printing paper I snitched from my husband’s printer, it wasn’t the case. So, I have to test more to find out which ink works best in what kind of paper.


Blue Monday: Tools of the trade

Hah, last week, I posted about my current “obsession”. Today I’m posting some of the tools that I use because they are – wait for it – in blue 🙂

A. Paint brushes

Cheap watercolour brushes.
Cheap watercolour brushes.

First of all, I’m not a painter but I use a fair bit of watercolours in my drawings and calligraphy. Also, I use brushes not only for colouring purposes but also for loading my nibs with ink. Before starting calligraphy, I read blogs of expert calligraphers and they have really helpful tips for newbies like me. Dunking the nib to the ink-well or bottle can be done but it makes a mess and, more often in my case, loading copious amount of ink to the nib causing the dreaded blobs and blots.

Also, I wanted to buy brushes of different sizes. The smaller it is, the better since I like to be able to do small details. These are cheap brushes that I bought from a Chinese shop close to where I live and so far, I’m happy with the results.

2. Pens, pencils, and erasers

Pens, pencils and erasers.
Pens, pencils and erasers.

There is nothing more important to an artist than a pencil. It is the very foundation of many great masterpieces. I use a pencil to sketch my idea. Again, any pencil will do. An eraser is equally important to me, too.

Gel pens are very useful when I do faux calligraphy on black (or any other coloured) papers. I love them – especially metallic colours. They’re so pretty in black paper and/or card stock.  I’m also looking for the white gel pen but, as most art stuff, it is hard to find them here in Cambodia. The black pen (Pilot G2) is also a must-have for me and I use it for usual writing (postcards, letters, etc.) and also some special hand-lettering projects, too.

So there you have it, these are but some of the tools in my long list.
Have a great week ahead, my friends. Thank you for dropping by.


Blue Monday: Gouache and water ink

In case anyone noticed, I was away from blogging for a good two weeks.
Nothing really happening from my side of the planet. Been busy with home-life and some creative hobbies on the side.

Marie's Gouache Paint Set
Getting ready to make some mess.

I love my blue and white dipping bowl. It’s small and hand-painted and costs me next-to-nothing. As mentioned previously, I’ve picked up calligraphy again and been experimenting on inks. Since calligraphy inks here are rare, much more coloured inks, I tried mixing gouache and water and voila! Problem solved. Here’s a scanned result – I mixed vermillion red and viridian green:

Love the henna-ish effect!
Love the henna-ish effect!

I am excited about the thousand and one possibilities of mixing colours!
Do you have any creative hobbies, too? Do tell 🙂


Postcard happy!

Oh yeah, baby!
Went to the post office yesterday to renew my P.O. Box subscription and came home with this bunch of postcards:

Unknown to many, I am a postcards-and-stamps collector. I am a member of the where I send and receive random postcards from everywhere. What I love the most are stamped and written postcards – not in an envelope! 

Well, I better go now because  I have a lot of scanning and labeling to do. After that, they’re ready for posting to my other blog – Postcards Crossing and My Stamp Menagerie. Come by when you have time!