Tennis semis action at the Olympic Games

This would have been more exciting had Rafael Nadal not pulled out of the Olympics. So I’m not really keen about the men’s singles except that I, of course, want to see someone other than Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer to win the gold. Say, Juan Martin del Potro or Andy Murray. Yeah, right. Tssssss. But I do wish them lotsaluck though. I’d be the first to dance the dougie if either of them gets the gold.

Eight men and eight women vying for the Olympic gold in single's tennis.

On the women’s singles, on the other hand, I’m rooting for Serena Williams, of course. Her 5th Wimbledon win is still fresh so she’s heavily favoured to win the gold.


Speeding GOAT

Now that the dust has cleared and new patches of grass are laid over at Wimbledon, what is next?

The Olympics?
Nope. It’s the rankings, my dear. Very important. This gif file from a Roger Federer fan’s twitter account very much shows the standings, and so funny, if I may say so.

A hilarious gif file re-tweeted by @AndyMugray. Paddle, Roger, as fast as you can, lol.

HAHAHA. Pretty  much the race for rankings in men’s tennis, eh? Here’s a beaming Roger on a plastic crate speedng, err, paddling away from the pack composed of Rafa, Nole, Muzzy and a player I could not recognize, maybe Andy Roddick? Anyways, don’t you just love the look on their faces? And look at their crisp white shoes, are they dc shoes?

In this year’s Wimbledon we witnessed how most of the ranked players fell one by one in the earlier rounds,most shocking was, of course, that of Rafa (see below for my feelings about this). We also saw a  rise in parody accounts of tennis players, much to my enjoyment. The tweets are sarcastic but they’re all so funny they make caricatures out of the tennis players. Yes, emphasis on sarcasm. I think they are excellent, fun and enjoyable to read. I wonder why some people like John McEnroe didn’t get it.

And, oh, in case anyone’s interested. I am super-dooper fine. I have left it until today to say something about Rafa’s stunning loss so as not to make any comments that others might deem harsh or something. Rafa lost. Yes, a major bummer  but just like Rafa, it is just tennis. Not a tragedy. I mean with 46 winners over 16 UFEs – that has got to be the winningest losing performance statistically! I mourned for his second-round match loss one whole day – true – but after that, I’m bouncing again just like my boy, hahaha. And just because  openly cheered for The GOAT and then for the Muzzah, just for the kicks, by the way and which I never thought I would ever do – does not necessarily mean I have switched loyalty and abandoned Rafa. Not a chance.  I think that his early exit would benefit him most since the Olympics and the USO is in the horizon so you can bet your pretty *ss I’d be back cheering again for Rafa 🙂

On to Paris for the Roland Garros

Rafa takes a bite of his trophy after winning the ATP Masters in Rome on 21 May, 2012. Photo Credit: AFP PHOTO / FILIPPO MONTEFORTEFILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/GettyImages via

One day more and the Roland Garros tournament, aka, the French Open, will begin. Of course, Rafael Nadal will be there as he embarks on a historic mission to become the first player to win seven RG titles.

Prior to this was the ATP BNP Internazionale in Rome but didn’twrite about it, intentionally, of course. I felt that if I write something about Rafa during the tournaments, he gets jinxed! So, after the ATP Tour in Madrid where Rafa lost in the third round, I decided not to write anymore Rafa-related posts. As a result, Rafa won the Rome tournament! Lol. Is this a coincidence or what?

It is so nice to see Rafa happy and biting that trophy again! He has defeated Nole twice now. With his recent win in Rome, Rafa holds the record of being the only is the only ATP player to have won 4 different tournaments: Barcelona, MonteCarlo, RolandGarros, and Rome 6 times!

Well, let’s hope for the best that Rafa successfully defends his RG title for another record in the books! The draw has just been out. See who will be in his draw. You can find it here.

No mo’ blues!

I’m currently having the blues after my boy, Rafa, lost to his compatriot Fernando Verdasco for the first time in the third round of the on-going ATP Mutua Madrid Open. It was awful and painful to watch – and I need this to vent – because it seemed he wasted a 5-2 lead in the third set. I’m so upset that I can’t even concentrate finishing a leather dyeing stuff that I started since this morning.  But as we all know, things like this happen to any player and if this happens they cannot explain what really happened themselves!

No mo' blues, Rafa! Photo Credit: Rafaholics Facebook Page

I know Rafa’s been vocal against the blue clay court and I suspect that his aversion or negativity towards the new court have, subconsciously,  affected his focus and performance. But, he’s not totally alone in expressing their distaste. David Ferrer, Novak Djokovic, to name a few, aren’t happy about it, too, so I hope the organizers should re-evaluate. As a tennis fan and avid-watcher, I find it weird having a blue colour knowing clay is red. I don’t think the blue court has made the yellow tennis ball more visible when watching the matches on TV. Perhaps, it’s my TV set? Lol. But, seriously, we all know Rafa, he is not blaming the blue clay for his loss:

“I lost today because I deserve to lose. I was at 5-2, I arrived at the moment to close the match and I didn’t know how to close it, I didn’t know how to do it. I made a big mistake with my match at 5-2. That’s what happened. He played better than me.”

That’s alright, Rafa.

I just hope that you really, really had a bad day because I had never seen you play very, very badly in clay court – ever. While, in the beginning of the tournament, I was looking forward to see you play in the finals and bite that trophy again, I’m glad your run was cut short, injury-free. That should give you more time to rest, recuperate and prepare for the tournament in Rome, and more importantly, the Roland Garros where the court is in original and beautiful red clay.

On this note, I say, I have no mo’ blues anymo’!


Fighting for the Quarters: Nadal vs Nishikori at the ATP Miami SEO

Yo, yo, yo, tennis fans!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again for the ATP/SEO in Miami. Already, Rafael Nadal has cruised past his first three opponents since last week and I sure hope his winning streak continues..

I do not have a digital tuner but thanks to our mighty fast Internet connection, I can now watch live streaming without any hassles! I’m writing this now as I wait patiently for the live telecast of Rafael Nadal’s (ranked #2) fourth round match against Kei Nishikori (ranked #16), the Japanese golden boy of tennis who climbed the ranks quickly last year. One of Nishikori’s most memorable achievements was when he defeated Novak Djokovic in the semi finals match of the Swiss Indoors Basel in 2011. There he made history as the first Japanese (and perhaps the first Asian) to beat a World Number One. From then on, he broke a lot of records in tennis, most recently in this year’s Australian Open.

Nishikori earned a place in the fourth round of ATP Miami SEO after defeating Lukas Rosol setting up against Nadal..  This will be the fourth time the two are playing against each other (the two also met in last year’s SEO second round) and Nadal remains unbeatable.

It is going to be a tough match for Nishikori tonight (my local time) as Nadal is trying to reach the quarters here for the sixth straight year and he hasn’t lost before the quarterfinals since I can remember.   These two players are amongst the few tennis players that I admire most,on and off the court. But for sure, my loyalty is with Rafa 🙂 Good luck to both. Vamos, Rafa!

P.So. To those who would like to know, here’s the head-to-head stats between the two players. I grabbed it from the ATP World Tour site.

Nadal-Nishikori head-to-head stats.

Tennis cat

Awww, this is cuuuuuute! A black cat, sat very, very close to the television, and watching one of the best finals matches in Australian Open history… Rafael Nadal versus Novak Djokovic, January 29, 2012:

He better be a Rafa fan! Lol.
I just love the way the cat’s head is following the tennis ball’s movement – how cute is that? Is he jealous of the players who get to play with the ball? This cat’s definitely got game! Lol.

You are still my champion

It’s nearly a week now but I still can’t get over the loss of my favourite tennis player, Rafael Nadal, to Novak Djokovic in last Sunday’s men’s championship showdown at the Australian Open.

It won’t be long before Rafa comes back with a vengeance.

I was disappointed. Utterly disappointed. Rafa was so close… and denied of that championship trophy this year. But I take comfort in the fact that he fought a good fight this time. That he showed he has the goods to beat Nole. Not this time though but his time will come soon, I know it. Rafa will come back to get Nole (Tennis Perspective). He may have gone home to Mallorca without the golden trophy but his sheer brilliance, grit, will, determination and self-belief he’d shown in the epic five-setter finals match is worth more than all the gold bars in the world.

It’s a huge heartbreak again for Rafa and his fans as Nole continues his fairytale streak. Clay season will commence in April and it is a great thing that he is taking a month off tennis for treatment of his injury (Source) and a much needed rest (source).

Vamos, Rafa. Sigues siendo mi campeón.

Photo Credit: Rafaholics Facebook Australian Open 2012 Photos

Australian Open Update: Rafael Nadal going to the AO finals!

Spain’s Rafael Nadal ended Roger Federer’s dream of winning another major title!
Friday night’s semi-final clash between the two – touted as the biggest showdown of this year’s Australian Open, proved that Rafa was too strong for Roger, despite the latter’s claim that while he “cannot compete with Rafa on clay, he will never ever  let that guy beat me on another surface again.” Then came the Australian Open’s semis… a big whoooopss! *Hand slaps the forehead*

Rafa's backhand and back end, lol. Nice view.

I guess this Swiss former world number one thinks he can still take back the top spot despite not having won any major titles in recent years and the swirling issues related to his age. Here’s another quote from the presser:

From Steve Tignor via Twitter:
How do you keep your equilibrium after a loss like that?
Fed: “I haven’t lost in five months, don’t feel too sorry for me.”


As if not enough, here’s another one:

“Nadal always play better against me than against others.”
Here’s the complete article where the quote was taken. It’s translated from Croatian.

Ouch, I think we all know who he is referring to. But isn’t he just sour-graping?

Enough already. So anyway, Rafa is set to play the finals against Novak Djokovic.
Although I am really scared for Rafa – errrm, why? am I  his mum? lol – I think this will really  be a great test for both. Djokovic, pushed up to the fifth set by Andy Murray in tonight’s other semifinals, will defend his title. Rafa, on the other hand, who’s campaign in last year’s AO was cut short due to an injury and was beaten in three majors last year by Djokovic, will be avenging those defeats.

So who will win? May the better player win. And that, in my mind, is Rafael Nadal. Vamos, Rafa!

Photo Credit:
Australian Open Facebook Photo Album (Federer v Nadal – 26th January 2012)

When tennis legends were kids

Hey, hey, hey… what’s up everyone?

I’m enjoying my state of idleness this week, hence the lack of posts… well, almost.  I just can’t help but post this funny video of professional tennis stars. I really am curious about my favourite players, Rafael Nadal, for example, and how he was as a kid. Well, I stumbled upon this video, and I tell you… I couldn’t stop laughing.  So while in the middle of an online search for mens designer t shirts (yes, I’m still looking for a birthday pressie for my husband, lol), I took time off just to watch this video. Over and over, lol.

Source: Beyond the Baseline

I mean, how adorable are these kids?!?

This ad is from Sweden and was produced as a promotional material for the Stockholm Open 2011.

Watch out for baby Rafael Nadal who is featured as a seven-year old and still very much right-handed. Also not to be missed is baby John McEnroe losing his cool, baby Novak Djokovic’s ball-bouncing, Roger Federer’s tweener-shot, baby Andre Agassi’s mullet hairstyle, and Sweden’s very own baby Robin Soderling’s towel-over-the head moment (priceless and captured Soderling perfectly, hah!). My friend Ana pointed out that it should be Nadal and Soderling in the sequence together – you know – because of that one Wimbledon moment where, while waiting for Rafa to play, Robin went to his bench to change his racket. Anyways… Other players included in the video were Arthur Ashe, Jim Courier, Bjorn Borg, Boris Becker and Michael Chang.


Rafa and the Spanish Armada

Rafael Nadal vs. Richard Gasquet, at the opening match later today

The US Open Championships has come and gone but you didn’t see me posting excitedly about Tmy boy Rafael Nadal the way I used to in the past. That’s not because I ran out of confidence in him – no, never! Despite  Rafael Nadal’s string of heartbreaking losses to Novak Djokovic in the Grand Slams this year,  Rafael Nadal is still my champion.  I spent sleepless nights or woke up very early in the morning just to watch Rafa play, especially in the finals. The USO finals last Monday was a sensational one. I was glued to my seat that I forgot about the Paper Culture holiday cards I was checking out online. My husband thinks I’m crazy – doing two things at the same time. I tend to walk away from the TV or turn my attention to online stuff when things get too much for me. I had to. To ease the tension and nervousness while watching the match! LOL.

Seriously though, after the USO  finals, Rafa flew to Cordoba, Spain for the Davis Cup semi-finals tie matches of Spain against France. Today he plays the opener  against Richard Gasquet at Plaza de Toros de los Califas, in Cordoba, Spain..  Head-to-head, Rafa has a 9-0 lead against Gasquet. However, Gasquet is not to be taken lightly. He has a wonderful run this year, most notably on clay when he beat 16-slam title holder Roger Federer in Rome. Gasquet is ranked #15 in the world and holds six ATP singles titles.

Mucha suerte, Rafa! Vamos, Spanish Team!

Spain Davis Cup Team_aka_The Spanish Armada; from left: Feliciano Lopez, Fernando Verdasco, David Ferrer, Rafael Nadal, and Albert Costa (captain)