When tennis legends were kids

Hey, hey, hey… what’s up everyone?

I’m enjoying my state of idleness this week, hence the lack of posts… well, almost.  I just can’t help but post this funny video of professional tennis stars. I really am curious about my favourite players, Rafael Nadal, for example, and how he was as a kid. Well, I stumbled upon this video, and I tell you… I couldn’t stop laughing.  So while in the middle of an online search for mens designer t shirts (yes, I’m still looking for a birthday pressie for my husband, lol), I took time off just to watch this video. Over and over, lol.

Source: Beyond the Baseline

I mean, how adorable are these kids?!?

This ad is from Sweden and was produced as a promotional material for the Stockholm Open 2011.

Watch out for baby Rafael Nadal who is featured as a seven-year old and still very much right-handed. Also not to be missed is baby John McEnroe losing his cool, baby Novak Djokovic’s ball-bouncing, Roger Federer’s tweener-shot, baby Andre Agassi’s mullet hairstyle, and Sweden’s very own baby Robin Soderling’s towel-over-the head moment (priceless and captured Soderling perfectly, hah!). My friend Ana pointed out that it should be Nadal and Soderling in the sequence together – you know – because of that one Wimbledon moment where, while waiting for Rafa to play, Robin went to his bench to change his racket. Anyways… Other players included in the video were Arthur Ashe, Jim Courier, Bjorn Borg, Boris Becker and Michael Chang.


Dorky Steve Nash doing the happy dance


Here’s  a very funny ad of Phoenix Sun’s basketball superstar Steve Nash I found while browsing mindlessly online:



Nash is NBA’s player with the most assists (and the oldest at 37years old).  Not only that he is a basketball royalty, Steve Nash is that he is an advocate of the environment and is a spokesperson for renewable energy programs and conservation efforts in the state of Arizona. What I love about him is that he is so likable. And he is SO game to come out in a funny, dorky ad such as the one I posted above.

In this video ad for a car, it shows him cutting an old woman to grab a parking spot.  This is just too funny watching Nash doing the happy dance! I could not really imagine the Steve Nash, point guard extraordinaire of Phoenix Suns strutting and displaying fancy moves. He has the moves, alright. LOL. Now a thought crossed my mind… if he was wearing hip hop clothes for costume would the ad be even more hilarious? Just a thought. Anyways, watchitwatchitwatchit!!!

Now that’s he’s left the NBA, I wonder what is he going to do next? 

The clash of the baldy and the lefty is on, tonight!

Tonight is the night – the fourth round match in Roland Garros and the second successive meeting between Rafael Nadal and Ivan Ljubicic. The match is scheduled at the Court Philippe Chatrier, right after the Li Na/-Petra Kvitova match at 11am today (4pm, Phnom Penh time). I’m glad it’s not a late night match (here in my side of the world) so I can watch the whole entire spectacle.  Can’t wait. For those interested, here is today’s schedule of play at the Roland Garros (RG) tourney.

In an article at the RG online site, Ljubicic told the media that he believes that no question, Rafa’s confidence is shaken . Yes, those words of the veteran Ljubicic was picked up by the media and is in every online article I see the other day.  Okay, Ljubi, while I am pleasantly surprised at the good turn of events in your “resurrected tennis career” and that thing you said about Rafa’s confidence has some truth in it, aren’t you scared of  Rafa? He beat you in your last encounter in Madrid, didn’t he?  Did you see how he fought against Isner, Andujar, and the latest casualty, Veic? And didn’t you hear, Rafa said his performance is improving. Always the case with Rafa. As the tournament progresses, the better his performance becomes. Don’t take Rafa lightly. You might even be handed a bagel tonight, sigue ka!

Anyways, I wish I have wide-screen TV at home so that watching Rafa play in his most favourite clay court is more enjoyable. I’d love to invite friends over to watch with me, and yes, with pop corns, sodas, pizzas… and I’d even send out special Embossed Graphics Invitations! LOL. RSVP pa. That’s how loca I am, so please, forgive this tennis-obsessed thirty-something woman.

Here’s why I so love Rafael Nadal… a video of him taken in his locker room before his second round match against compatriot Pablo Andujar.  Warning, killer-dimples ahead and oozing childlike innocence and charisma ahead 😀

A very relaxed, smiling, and charming Rafa. He is tanned gorgeously, and heck, the milk (or yoghurt, who cares?!) mustache made him  more adorkable! LOL.

Okay, so ladies and gents of tennis, let’s say it together, as loud as you can…

V-A-M-O-O-O-O-O-S, Rafa!!!

Oh, snaaaaap!

Even if I wasn’t posting here, I’ve been following Rafa’s plays in both ATP events in Monte Carlo and Barcelona.  I was very satisfied with his performance that, even if he lost two consecutive titles to Novak Djokovic earlier this year, he bounced back  by winning the Monte Carlo and Barcelona titles.

Then came the ATP in Madrid, we all know what happened.  You are still my champion, Rafa. You may have lost to Novak Djokovic in the ATP Madrid finals last Sunday –  yes, in your favourite clay court and in your home turf – but this is one of the greatest shots I’ve seen from you recently. Even the Spanish tennis legend Manolo Santana jumped out of his seat to applaud the crazy shot!



Opening of second set, at 0-30 and second serve for Djoko. A “tweener” lob winner from Rafa! WTH? It became 0-40. With a forehand winner down the line, Rafa breaks at love to start set 2.

I LOLed at this tweet from tennis lust:

tennislust: But of course we don’t expect anything less from whatever comes between Rafa’s legs.

Aye, aye. I so agree!

Now, the ATP tourney is now on in Rome, and Rafa is through to the QFs. I just hope his fever is gone and he’s feeling better to be able to play against Marin Cilic tonight. Winning this means the whole world to Rafa, if he is to keep his number one ranking.

Yo estoy con Rafa. Vamos, Rafa!

Paranormal Dogtivity?

Please indulge me this one time.

You have to see this – another gem of a video from YouTube. I suggest you get yourself a good set of headphones for your maximum listening and viewing pleasure.


It’s a good laugh for this evening! The best laugh this week so far. It had me and my husband laughing out loud I had tears ran down my face.   And who wouldn’t? I mean, a romantically-lit bedroom with a Marvin Gaye song in the background… what do you expect to happen on a water bed? Tee-hee-hee.

I was half-expecting something scary would jump out and scare the hell out of me. We laughed even more when we thought the dog was done but instead came back after few minutes for some more action! I could’ve written a better blog post about this dog video if only I could see through my tears!

I shall leave you now as I have this overwhelming urge to change my pillowcases…