Mrs. Geek I Am!

Oookay, so I’m back to blogging again. Hhhhhnnnngggfff! I can’t even!

Since quitting my job a few months ago I thought I would have more time to do things, like regular blogging, crafting, and so on… But no, nothing like that happened. True, I’ve never been busier, but over something else. For example, taking care of the house and those in it. Which, I am not complaining. We are all healthy and happy – that’s all I could ask in return.

Pls. click the cartoon for source.
Pls. click the cartoon for source.

This year has been steeped on geekery, mine mostly! I’ve been geeking out on pretty much everything – TV series and movies very recently. I never knew how huge of a geek I am UNTIL I stayed at home and got hooked on the above mentioned. Like, how seriously addicted, you ask? Well, the kind of addiction that got me into scouring the whole world wide web for hours on end for streaming sites (I live in Asia so not all TV series are broadcast here) cast interviews, spoilers, and fan sites. One time, a visiting-friend of mine, who’s a music geek, and I met up at this newly-opened mall in the city and got into discussing her current crush – an up-and-coming musician back in our hometown. She was so passionate about this person and how she (as a blogger) a is hoping to cover his developments in the tinsel world. She knows everything about this guy and she even goaded me to purchase a record and to “Mail your order today!“. Ahh, geeks.

Enough of the babbling. It’s been a nice Saturday here in Phnom Penh. I hope your weekend will be great as well.

Till next.

Not in the mood

Two days since the Australian men’s finals and I haven’t written a thing. I said I was going to write a tennis post but since my boy, Rafael Nadal, got injured unexpectedly during the match and lost, I sort of lost my enthusiasm, too. I allowed myself to be idle, my mind wandering and wondering about what happened.

I tried to distract myself by browsing through online shops. Fortunately, I forgot about this not so pleasant news and got hooked with mother rings,  click here to find out what it is 🙂 It’s a ring that has birthstones for each of the children of the moms. I think it is a brilliant gift idea, for birthday or Mother’s Day. I’ll keep this in mind.

I think I’ll write again about Rafa’s loss next time. It’s just I’m not really up to it right now.

Li Na, Australian Open 2014 Women’s Champion

Congratulations. I don’t follow women’s tennis much but I know this year is Li Na’s third bid for the trophy. She lost last year and the year before that. This year, she is third time lucky!

She beat the diminutive player from Slovakia, Dominika Cibulkova, in straight sets, 7-6, 6-0. Both are a joy to watch. Cibulkova impressively beat many seeded players to reach the finals. And Li Na… oh, how can I forget her? After last year’s final against Victoria Azarenka, where she fell twice on the hard court, she came back stronger and more determined to finally lift her first Australian Open trophy. Well done.

I was also looking forward to her speech. And, as always, she was her usual amusing self. The crowd loved her! I was trying to listen to her speech but when she stepped close to the microphone, some parts of her speech came out garbled – the AO people should use audio-technica microphones instead for better sound. So I looked in YouTube to find a video, and I wasn’t disappointed.

She’s really funny. Here’s a sample:

“Now husband. Famous in China. Gave up everything to travel with me. Fix racquet, fix drink. Thanks a lot you nice guy. Also you so lucky.”

Hahaha. I agree, Lina. Husband so lucky.

Here’s the complete video of Li Na’s speech:


Don’t you just love her? Hope to see you accepting more trophies this year.

Okay, enough. Tomorrow, I’ll be a nervous wreck again. It’s my boy, Rafael Nadal, against another Swiss guy – no, not Roger Federer – this time it’s Stan Wawrinka who defeated HelmetBoi (aka Novak Djokovic) in the QFs. How good is that?

So, expect again another tennis post in the coming days 🙂

Rafael Nadal’s clay court action begins…

… yes, for Rafael Nadal, my boy, it begins today. Exciting!

His campaign for a 9th Monte Carlo title will begin after today’s first match. See this sked:

Screenshot from 2013-04-17 16:08:29
For full order of play, click the photo . Source: Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters Site.

As you can see, he is set to play Marinko Matosevic from Australia. This is going to be their first meeting. Hence, I do not know much about this guy.  Interesting to note that these two have never played each other at an ATP World Tour, Grand Slam or Davis Cup main draw event, which makes me anticipate the match even more. Rafa has this habit of getting nervous and playing slow when playing against someone for the first time.

Here’s more from the H2H stats from the ATP Monte Carlo site:

Screenshot from 2013-04-17 16:08:13

I do not know Matosevic much apart from info on his bio provided at the ATP Monte Carlo website. And I am too lazy to look him up. However, I’ve read the observations of some Rafa fans, particularly of QueridoRafa, that Matosevic is a right-hander with good backhands, can serve big (when it’s in), a hard-hitter and tends to go for high-risk winners.

So am going with QueridoRafa’s conclusion… that the match could potentially be very difficult, or, relatively easy for Rafa. Whatever. Lel. I am hoping it’s the latter 😉

In a few more minutes, after the first 10.30am (Monaco time) match, I am tuning in to my favourite online streaming site. Can’t wait to see Rafa walk on the clay court and play his first match of the season.

Bula, bula, Fiji!

I was re-arranging our DVD shelf when I came across a music CD from Fiji. It was given to me by a Fijian who I met at a conference in Sri Lanka.

I hadn’t listened to it in a very long time so I put it on play  right away. Listening to the songs I was instantly lulled by the sweet, melancholic sound that came from the  divine stringed instruments  – guitar, ukelele, and mandolin – that characterized the music from this exotic island. It is like listening to the gentle sound of the waves and the swaying of the coconut palm fronds. I think musicians should revert back to using authentic musical instruments rather than electronically or digitally-produced sounds that are common these days.

For sure Mr. Fiji gained a lot of admirers. Photo from

Oh, and speaking of Fiji, I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games last week and I was ooh-ing and aah-ing at the youthful, gorgeous faces and bodies of the athletes. One of which is this judoka from Fiji. Darn. Them exotic islands make exotic men 🙂

Can you imagine him serenading you with Fijian songs? I can. I’ll offer to buy not just the cheapest strings for guitar or his instrument of choice as long as this eye-candy plays me Fijian songs all day long. Erlack, did I just say that? Lol.

Tennis semis action at the Olympic Games

This would have been more exciting had Rafael Nadal not pulled out of the Olympics. So I’m not really keen about the men’s singles except that I, of course, want to see someone other than Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer to win the gold. Say, Juan Martin del Potro or Andy Murray. Yeah, right. Tssssss. But I do wish them lotsaluck though. I’d be the first to dance the dougie if either of them gets the gold.

Eight men and eight women vying for the Olympic gold in single's tennis.

On the women’s singles, on the other hand, I’m rooting for Serena Williams, of course. Her 5th Wimbledon win is still fresh so she’s heavily favoured to win the gold.


¡Olé! ¡Equipo de tenis de España!

¡Olé! ¡Olé! ¡Olé!
I just want to share my excitement today. One of my favourite tennis players, David Ferrer and his doubles partner Feliciano Lopez, made it to the semi-finals round at the Olympic Games in London. What a great feat considering this duo had never played doubles together.  From this phoo, which I nicked from the twitter account of Linzports, David is probably coaxing an emotional Feli whose face is covered with a towel.

Bromance, Spanish Armada style. Photo nicked from Linzports @ Twitter.

I’m so happy about their win – I think and I know Rafa is, too, knowing that Team Espana, especially the Spanish Armada are doing well in his absence. Well done.

I know David is a cat-person as I’ve seen a photo of him feeding his cat in his balcony. Let’s say, if the Spanish duo makes it to the finals, I’ll start looking for custom gifts for cat lovers especially for him. I kid you not, hahahaha.

The London 2012 Olympics fever

After learning of Rafael Nadal’s withdrawal in the Olympics, I told myself I am not going to watch anything related to the Olympics. But I guess I spoke too soon. On the early hours of Friday, I found myself watching the opening ceremony. I woke up from a bad dream and couldn’t bring myself to sleep anymore so I went to the living room and turned on my laptop. There I saw a lot of twitter updates from friends living on the other side of the planet raving  about the opening ceremony. Grudgingly I searched, and found, a  live streaming site. I knew in my heart that I’d feel sad not seeing Rafael Nadal bearing the Spanish flag. And I was. Can you imagine how Rafa was feeling watching his friend Pau Gasol carry their national flag? It could’ve been him, but he had to step aside due to an injury.

These thoughts aside, at that moment I wished that I have a blu ray home theatre system for the ultimate viewing pleasure! The London ceremony didn’t fall short in  the presentation – it was a showcase of everything British, including the humour  – but still  paled in comparison with the Beijing ceremony. The whole world reacted, some positive, others negative. I think the Chinese had set the standard so high that I don’t think no other host country could top that in my lifetime. However, I don’t think that Danny Boyle and company were even trying to surpass the Beijing ceremony anyway. It is what it is, the British way. What I also love about the whole shebang the most is that it showcased Britain’s rich musical history! Gotta love the soundtrack that played during the parade of the nations.

Cheyor, Cambodia!

Sorn Davin, above, taekwondo athlete, carrying the flag of Cambodia. And, of course, from my native land, the diminutive Hidilyn Diaz, below, a weightlifter. Great to see many female athletes carrying the national flags and, most of all,  all countries sending female athletes to the Olympics – a first in Olympic history.

Mabuhay, Filipinas kong Mahal! Wearing the salakot, a local sun-hat, makes the Filipino contingent more Pinoy and way cooler!

With the opening ceremony broadcast live during ungodly hours on our side of the world, one of my friends wished, via twitter, that our country be should renamed Filipins instead of Philippines because the delegation is always near the last of the queue. Lol. I love the salakot that the Pinoy athletes were wearing, it added more Filipiniana touch and definitely way cooler and better-looking than the hats worn by the Germans, hahaha.

Another friend observed that watching the parade of athletes makes her want to grab an atlas or google their locations. So very true and I totally agree with her! There were so many new names to take note of and, as a postcard hobbyist, the list of countries in my postcards wishlist has just gotten longer!

No mo’ blues!

I’m currently having the blues after my boy, Rafa, lost to his compatriot Fernando Verdasco for the first time in the third round of the on-going ATP Mutua Madrid Open. It was awful and painful to watch – and I need this to vent – because it seemed he wasted a 5-2 lead in the third set. I’m so upset that I can’t even concentrate finishing a leather dyeing stuff that I started since this morning.  But as we all know, things like this happen to any player and if this happens they cannot explain what really happened themselves!

No mo' blues, Rafa! Photo Credit: Rafaholics Facebook Page

I know Rafa’s been vocal against the blue clay court and I suspect that his aversion or negativity towards the new court have, subconsciously,  affected his focus and performance. But, he’s not totally alone in expressing their distaste. David Ferrer, Novak Djokovic, to name a few, aren’t happy about it, too, so I hope the organizers should re-evaluate. As a tennis fan and avid-watcher, I find it weird having a blue colour knowing clay is red. I don’t think the blue court has made the yellow tennis ball more visible when watching the matches on TV. Perhaps, it’s my TV set? Lol. But, seriously, we all know Rafa, he is not blaming the blue clay for his loss:

“I lost today because I deserve to lose. I was at 5-2, I arrived at the moment to close the match and I didn’t know how to close it, I didn’t know how to do it. I made a big mistake with my match at 5-2. That’s what happened. He played better than me.”

That’s alright, Rafa.

I just hope that you really, really had a bad day because I had never seen you play very, very badly in clay court – ever. While, in the beginning of the tournament, I was looking forward to see you play in the finals and bite that trophy again, I’m glad your run was cut short, injury-free. That should give you more time to rest, recuperate and prepare for the tournament in Rome, and more importantly, the Roland Garros where the court is in original and beautiful red clay.

On this note, I say, I have no mo’ blues anymo’!


Update: Rafa beat Kei, 6-4, 6-4, in the 4th round of SEO

Rafael is through to the last eight (quarterfinals) after beating Kei Nishikori yesterday in two straight sets at the SEO in Miami. It took awhile before Rafa started to get going.

But prior to his win, I saw him clutch  his knee and as soon as I saw Rafa call for a trainer and took an injury timeout, my heart started racing fast. In my mind, another heartbreaking loss was looming. Rafa just had six weeks rest and it looked like he was going to get sidelined again. Judging from last night, he needs a longer break.

So tomorrow, Rafa will play in the quarterfinals for the 6th straight year and will square off against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga who defeated Florian Mayer yesterday. With Rafa struggling with his knee troubles, I am a bit worried about his upcoming match(es). And not to forget, the almighty clay season where he is hailed King is just around the corner.

Nadal leads Tsonga 6-3 in the head-to-head stats but he has lost two of their past three meetings, most recently in last year’s  Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. I’m certain Rafa’s is not at all confianza about it, no?

Rafael Nadal - Jo_Wilfried Tsonga Head-to-Head Match-up

Head-to-Heat Stats grabbed from ATP World Tour site.