Tennis Alert: Rafa vs. Dolgo

My friend Ana buzzed me at Facebook earlier today – our boy Rafael Nadal was playing tennis against Alexander Dolgopolov (Round 16 of the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, Florida). Because of this lousy time difference between Cambodia and USA and dreaming about chocolate dipped cherries gifts for my birthday, I almost missed another Rafa match again if not for her buzz… 

Ana and I both love Dolgo, too, and  the feeling of watching Rafa being merciless on Dolgo is like being a mother watching her kids fight. Okay, I’m being OA and all but I could not think of any other comparison hahah. I think Rafa was rushing to finish the match! I was able to catch only the last 30minutes of the match but I was happy to see the highlights online and to see  Rafa finishing the game with better stats – service percentage of 75% and 64% in the first and second sets, respectively; ZERO double faults, and only 7 unforced errors (compared to Dolgo’s 23). Great improvement on the serve, Rafa… 

I have to agree with everybody’s observation – Rafa definitely has his confidence back and when his confidence is back, for sure he would be unyielding and merciless. Poor Dolgo, I felt bad for him. I know he is quite a dangerous and promising  player but Rafa’s mojo’s back in the game… final score – result, a solid 6-1, 6-2 win.  Rafa’s previous match with compatriot Feliciano Lopez also went quickly with a 6-3-, 6-3 score. I hope his excellent form and great performance continues – it’s about time he win’s a title, ‘no?

I sure don’t want to miss Rafa’s quarterfinals match probably this Friday where he meets Tomas Berdych from the Czech Republic. I like Tomas Berdych, too. He is probably well-known for the shocking defeat of Roger Federer in last year’s Wimbledon quarter finals in his hands 😛


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2 thoughts on “Tennis Alert: Rafa vs. Dolgo

    1. Koracha! Ayan, tuloy, muntik ko na naman makalimutan ang game kanina. Very tensed – as usual, Rafa had us holding on to our seats – but in the end, after all the drama, he won. Berdych was playing darn well, especially in serving, and that made Rafa grumpy and frustrated.

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