Tennis rant and rave

Tous  les chemins mènent à gay Paris pour cette annee Roland Garros tuornoi!

Excusez mois, excusez mon Français. Je suis ètudier la langue de mon propre et, simplement parce que le Roland Garros a commencè je voulais fair ètalage que peu Français j’ai appris.

Before anyone’s nose bleeds, here’s the translation:

All roads lead to gay Paris for this year’s Roland Garros Tournament!
Excuse me, pardon my French. I’m studying the language on my own and just because the Roland Garros has started I wanted to flaunt a little French that I have learned so far.

I don’t even have an idea if the above sentences are grammatically acceptable to the French but this is my blog and I can write whatever I want. Uh-huh.

Okay, back to the Roland Garros (RG) now. Round one has just started, and it’s okay I missed it because Rafa wasn’t playing anyway. The Spanish Armada are complete – Rafa, Fernando Verdasco, David Ferrer, Juan Carlos Ferrero and Nicolas Almagro – and of course, there’s Roger Federer, Fernando Gonzales, the two Andys – Roddick and Murray, Novak Djokovic, Robin Soderling, not to forget the Frenchies Gael Monfils and Jo Wilfred Tsonga. Whew, that’s a lot of names to remember. But I don’t need to ‘cos I know who exactly I’m rooting for  😀

Of course, all-eyes are on the defending champion Roger Federer but his poor showing in the previous clay tournaments make everyone doubt if he still has  the tennis mojo to successfully defend his title this year. He is also set to break Pete Sampras’  record of 286 weeks at number one. Tough job because it would mean reaching the semis to stay in the number one spot. Rafa, on the other hand, is fresh from winning all three clay-court ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournaments in the same year, and a record 18 titles tying him to Andre Agassi for the number one spot. I have to point it out though that Agassi was able to achieve this when he was already in his 30s, while Rafa was able to do in his early 20s, 23 years to be exact. So Nadal is hungry to win RG to complete his historic clay slam and I am hoping he doesn’t lose fuel during crucial moments. Nadal has an amazing 31-1 record at the RG, losing only last year to Robin Soderling.

Sounds exciting, eh? These two top-seeds have the right motivation to go for the title and we sure expect a terrific two weeks of tennis action from them. Already, the Rafa and Roger fans are yacking online, more like a fiery word war, about who’s the best player, who’s better than whom, who’s going to win the title this year. And then there’s the name-calling and mudslinging — whew! I don’t know if you have ever visited an online tennis forum, it’s like a circus out there it’s almost like the Philippine elections. Okay, lousy analogy but you know what I mean.

I’m not really into thrashing players or anything like that. I’m just excited and looking forward to see two weeks of great  tennis. I love watching Rafael Nadal play and, I have to say, that it will be a great bonus to us fans if he wins this much-coveted clay-court title. Even my girlfriends agree – right, Ana, Lui? But of course, no matter how hard I want to be calm about this whole Roland Garros thing, I can’t deny that I’m a mixed bag of emotions watching my boy show his game… and this tiny, little nagging thought in my head that Rafa is very much capable of doing this, and surely he will:

So there, I’ve said my thoughts.
Have a fun and exciting Roland Garros week!

3 thoughts on “Tennis rant and rave

  1. Z, been trying to comment on this since yesterday, di makapasok..

    for sure its a hot topic talaga in forums. I don’t go there umiinit ulo ko haha but like you said, I’m with Rafa this time.

    Roger Federer is one good player but recently he has been unimpressive. Rafa is another story. He’s been having a winning streak and hope he wins this one!!!

  2. Lui, I’m with Rafa all the time! hihihi.
    Hmm, I wonder what’s wrong with this blog… grrrr. I’m glad you got through though. Pati tuloy internet naaapektuhan ng sobrang init! *lol*

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