The BIG switch!

Please excuse the long absence again.
For the nth time, my computer went bonkers. Must be due to the viruses and malwares that went with my recent downloads of games and reviews of flat tvs and flat tv mounts. Or from the corrupt files in my system.

Normally, my dear husband would just reboot and then check the registry to fix the problem or run an anti-virus software. Or we send our computers to repair shops if we can’t help it. But these trips to the repairmen are costing usĀ  a lot of money. Windows, for that matter, is costing us a fortune for repairs and such. This time, I made the bold decision to leave the dark side of Windows and switched to the light side… that is the Ubuntu/Linux.

So far I’m liking it.Ubuntu has an elegant interface, it is smooth, and I’m happy to say that it is absolutely faster than my former OS, XP. I know I am still a noob in the exploration stage, learning the stuff won’t be easy but, hey, I’m willing to learn the ropes even if it means going back to square one. Thanks to my dear husband for showing me the light.

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