The clash of the baldy and the lefty is on, tonight!

Tonight is the night – the fourth round match in Roland Garros and the second successive meeting between Rafael Nadal and Ivan Ljubicic. The match is scheduled at the Court Philippe Chatrier, right after the Li Na/-Petra Kvitova match at 11am today (4pm, Phnom Penh time). I’m glad it’s not a late night match (here in my side of the world) so I can watch the whole entire spectacle.  Can’t wait. For those interested, here is today’s schedule of play at the Roland Garros (RG) tourney.

In an article at the RG online site, Ljubicic told the media that he believes that no question, Rafa’s confidence is shaken . Yes, those words of the veteran Ljubicic was picked up by the media and is in every online article I see the other day.  Okay, Ljubi, while I am pleasantly surprised at the good turn of events in your “resurrected tennis career” and that thing you said about Rafa’s confidence has some truth in it, aren’t you scared of  Rafa? He beat you in your last encounter in Madrid, didn’t he?  Did you see how he fought against Isner, Andujar, and the latest casualty, Veic? And didn’t you hear, Rafa said his performance is improving. Always the case with Rafa. As the tournament progresses, the better his performance becomes. Don’t take Rafa lightly. You might even be handed a bagel tonight, sigue ka!

Anyways, I wish I have wide-screen TV at home so that watching Rafa play in his most favourite clay court is more enjoyable. I’d love to invite friends over to watch with me, and yes, with pop corns, sodas, pizzas… and I’d even send out special Embossed Graphics Invitations! LOL. RSVP pa. That’s how loca I am, so please, forgive this tennis-obsessed thirty-something woman.

Here’s why I so love Rafael Nadal… a video of him taken in his locker room before his second round match against compatriot Pablo Andujar.  Warning, killer-dimples ahead and oozing childlike innocence and charisma ahead 😀

A very relaxed, smiling, and charming Rafa. He is tanned gorgeously, and heck, the milk (or yoghurt, who cares?!) mustache made him  more adorkable! LOL.

Okay, so ladies and gents of tennis, let’s say it together, as loud as you can…

V-A-M-O-O-O-O-O-S, Rafa!!!

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