The Fairy Hobmother found me!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I could not stop grinning from ear to ear. Pardon my girlish streak but the thing is – the generous Fairy Hobmother just stopped by the Kingdom of Cambodia and brought me good tidings! Yes, the much-talked about Fairy Hobmother, a wandering, generous soul who blog-hops and spreads nothing but fairy dust of goodness.

The Fairy Hobmother found his way into the Kingdom of Cambodia and I’m the very first recipient of his generosity!

The Fairy Hobmother’s good news came at the right time. Just when I am starting to get homesick and weepy and mopey — because: 1) it’s Christmas time again and this is my — wait for it — 12th year celebrating Christmas in Cambodia where Christmas is not an official holiday {can you imagine how much I am missing home?};  2) fellow expat friends have gone home for the holidays; 3) it’s the time of the month again that I’m PMSing; or, 4) all of the above — when I saw the Fairy Hobmother’s email it absolutely felt like magic that all the blues vanished into thin air. And when the Fairy Hobmother told me that I am the first blogger in Cambodia that he has ever visited — wow, what a great pleasure and honor it is! Okorn charan na, Fairy Hobmother.

My dream oven!

I am very grateful for the gift the Fairy Hobmother has given me. That cri-cut and stamping machines for my paper craft projects I’ve been eyeing will be within my reach soon enough. Or probably one of those nifty kitchen appliances (hint: look on your right!) that I have been daydreaming about for the longest time! Ahem, I am a woman so I’m entitled to change my mind, hahaha.

I know a lot of you out there  wants to have a visit from the Fairy Hobmother so I’m sharing to you what I did. Follow him on Twitter; say hi. Stalk him; find out where he was last sighted or visited.  Send him email; pour your heart out, hahaha.  But you must be patient though as he hops around the blogosphere and checks lotsa blogs all by himself. This is a chore that’s very tiring so maybe leave a cup of warm tea and yummy scones or  biscuits for him to enjoy on his visit? He would probably love that.

Oh, and don’t forget to leave a comment on this post and make a wish  if you want to get noticed right away.

5 thoughts on “The Fairy Hobmother found me!

  1. Eeeeeeeek! You’ve been visited by the Fairy Hobmother, too? What he is doing is just awesome. I hope he visits me, too.

    I’m in Roxas City now for bro’s wedding. We are loving it here so far, eating fresh seafoods and home-cooked meals. The little boy is happy to see his cousins and they’ve been together the whole time since we arrived. 

  2. Yes, MamaGirl. The Fairy Hobmother has just been here. You better start sending feelers to the Fairy Hobmother soon.

    Glad to know you are all back home now. For sure everyone will have a blast at the wedding (party!). Say hello to everybody.

    1. Thanks! Yes, the Fairy Hobmother is awesomely generous indeed! And let’s keep our fingers crossed that he visits each one of you soon 🙂

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