The heat is on!

Buenas noches, amigos y amigas.

I’m still here, surviving the sweltering, boiling summer heat of Phnom Penh. Summer is at its height and along with the summer heat comes the frequent powercuts. Daily. Well, I do acknowledge that I live in a developing country and power cuts at this time of the year is quite understandable, if not expected. However, I wish that the power supply company, aka the Electricite du Cambodge, be kind enough to issue a power interruption schedule of sorts so that us consumers can plan ahead and make arrangements. I myself work at home and my only lifeline to my employers is the Internet. Without power, I am left without nothing.

Amigos y amigas, you cannot imagine how hot it is here. We are sweating like tennis players, I kid you not. Once we had a power cut that started in the wee hours of the night, our pillows were soaking wet that I and my husband had to use my yoga bolsters instead. Yes, it’s that bad.

Speaking about tennis… my boy Rafael Nadal’s recent return to the tennis tour is also generating a lot of heat! That’s good heat, for your information. He’s been absent for nearly 10months due to a knee injury, missing the London Olympics and the US Open. But now that he’s back… well, we his fans couldn’t have asked for a better comeback. Winning the tournaments in Acapulco and Indian Wells! How’s that?

After the Indian Wells tournament in California, Rafa decided to skip the Sony Open in Miami as per his doctor’s advise. He needs to rest his knees in preparation to the most exciting season of all, the clay season on European soil. A little later today, Rafa’s compatriot David Ferrer is going to play against Andy Murray in the men’s final event of the Sony Open. Can Ferru beat Muzzah to win his first ever ATP 1000 title and make history? We’ll find out. Por supuesto, I am rooting for Ferru. Vamos!

But before I go, while Rafa is on vacation, I’ve been watching his past tournaments to fill my Rafa “cravings”. I came across this video of Rafa’s unbelievable gamepoints against his friend Juan Monaco, in their Davis Cup finals match. I can only think of the word “unbelievable” to describe Rafa.


Rafa, without a doubt, is one of the best – if not the best – ball retrievers there is on the tennis planet. If that points didn’t convince you, then you must be a rock.

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