The London 2012 Olympics fever

After learning of Rafael Nadal’s withdrawal in the Olympics, I told myself I am not going to watch anything related to the Olympics. But I guess I spoke too soon. On the early hours of Friday, I found myself watching the opening ceremony. I woke up from a bad dream and couldn’t bring myself to sleep anymore so I went to the living room and turned on my laptop. There I saw a lot of twitter updates from friends living on the other side of the planet raving  about the opening ceremony. Grudgingly I searched, and found, a  live streaming site. I knew in my heart that I’d feel sad not seeing Rafael Nadal bearing the Spanish flag. And I was. Can you imagine how Rafa was feeling watching his friend Pau Gasol carry their national flag? It could’ve been him, but he had to step aside due to an injury.

These thoughts aside, at that moment I wished that I have a blu ray home theatre system for the ultimate viewing pleasure! The London ceremony didn’t fall short in  the presentation – it was a showcase of everything British, including the humour  – but still  paled in comparison with the Beijing ceremony. The whole world reacted, some positive, others negative. I think the Chinese had set the standard so high that I don’t think no other host country could top that in my lifetime. However, I don’t think that Danny Boyle and company were even trying to surpass the Beijing ceremony anyway. It is what it is, the British way. What I also love about the whole shebang the most is that it showcased Britain’s rich musical history! Gotta love the soundtrack that played during the parade of the nations.

Cheyor, Cambodia!

Sorn Davin, above, taekwondo athlete, carrying the flag of Cambodia. And, of course, from my native land, the diminutive Hidilyn Diaz, below, a weightlifter. Great to see many female athletes carrying the national flags and, most of all,  all countries sending female athletes to the Olympics – a first in Olympic history.

Mabuhay, Filipinas kong Mahal! Wearing the salakot, a local sun-hat, makes the Filipino contingent more Pinoy and way cooler!

With the opening ceremony broadcast live during ungodly hours on our side of the world, one of my friends wished, via twitter, that our country be should renamed Filipins instead of Philippines because the delegation is always near the last of the queue. Lol. I love the salakot that the Pinoy athletes were wearing, it added more Filipiniana touch and definitely way cooler and better-looking than the hats worn by the Germans, hahaha.

Another friend observed that watching the parade of athletes makes her want to grab an atlas or google their locations. So very true and I totally agree with her! There were so many new names to take note of and, as a postcard hobbyist, the list of countries in my postcards wishlist has just gotten longer!

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