The resurrection!

I’m baaaaack!
Finally, my work is done. Finished. A month and a half ago, I got myself a short consultancy job for an international NGO here and got totally sucked up in it the whole time. That’s just me – when I am working, I give it my utmost attention. So I stopped posting for a while since it was difficult to keep up with all the consultancy stuffs and my house chores at the same time.

After what felt like decades , I'm back!!!

But I’m back again, slowly creeping into the blogging groove. After more than a month of quiet, this blog is buzzing again. And I’m doing this break-dance step, the head spin thing… woohoooo…
And what’s to expect? Just don’t expect anything hahahahha. You’ll never know what you’re going to read when you visit. I just hope I’d be able to make it a fun and interactive experience for my readers (i.e., if I have any! *lol*)
I will be tweaking a couple of things in the coming weeks but will update posts to get this going in the meantime, and perhaps, old friends might come back.  So dear friends, just sit back, refresh your screens, and get ready for a fresh round of blogging straight from the Penh!

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